Friday, July 24, 2009


You know, I still get a little thrill every Friday when I think about the Friday update from the agency and I realize that I don't have to worry about it anymore. :) How many Fridays did I come here and obsess over the update? I should count them.

This Friday not a whole lot is going on. Still nothing new in adoption news, although we did get something in the mail from the agency today. It's kind of funny really, but apparently pretty much every single piece of paper that goes between our American agency and the Korean agency that concerns our daughter has to be shown to us, apparently even if it's nothing we really need to see.

A few weeks ago we asked the US agency to contact the Korean agency and ask them to do the medical test on Clarissa that we were concerned about. Today we got a piece of paper in the mail from the agency that was pretty much just a copy of the fax that the agency sent to Korea asking for the medical test and confirmation that Korea received it. It doesn't say anything about when they're going to do the test or any of that, it's basically just proof that they received it. We have to sign the copy of the fax and mail it back to the agency confirming that we've seen it. It's nice that they're so careful about keeping us informed on every single thing that is happening, but I always get super excited when mail shows up from the agency these days and sometimes its nothing to get excited about, lol. They're thorough though, and that's good. I appreciate how well they keep us updated.

So at this point we're still just waiting for legals. From what I've seen from other people's timelines it seems like it usually takes 3-4 weeks and we're at about 4 weeks now. Hopefully they'll come next week and then we can get moving on the next step in the process.

I'm doing pretty OK with the wait so far. I wish things would hurry up, but I'm doing better than I was before we got the referral, so I consider that pretty good! We got Clarissa's care package mailed off and I'm excited for her to get it. I know we're super cheesy, but we all kissed the package before we mailed it so that our kisses will go to Korea for Clarissa. Yeah, we're cheesy that way. :) It was really fun to be able to pick things out for her and I'm so excited at the thought of her receiving them and actually getting to wear the clothes I picked out, wear the hair clips I made, sleep with the special blanket I picked out for her and look at photos of us. We probably won't get back the clothes we sent her since they won't fit by the time we go pick her up, but I really hope that her foster mother takes photos of her wearing them.

There's not a whole lot going on around our house these days. Usually our summer is filled with a lot more adventure and excitement but with all the adoption preparation going on right now we're keeping things kind of low key these days. The past month has been so incredibly crazy around here that we decided that we didn't need any more craziness in our lives for a while, lol.

So I've kept busy working on some projects at home, working on my Korean, hanging out with the kids and trying not to melt in the heat! It's been 100 degrees here this week! When it was too hot to go outside a couple of days ago the kids and I decided to have a Harry Potter movie marathon in preparation to go see the new movie. Yesterday afternoon we finished our marathon and Shawn took the afternoon of work and we took the boys to The Half Blood Prince. We're big Harry Potter fans, so we really enjoyed it! I already can't wait for the next movie to come out!

So that's pretty much all the news I have to share today. I wish my blog were more exciting, but right now I'm OK with the lack of excitement. Our lives are going to change drastically in the coming months, so for now I'm kind of basking in the calm before the storm. :)

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