Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guess who I'm going to talk about today?

My Korean friend! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Korean friend? :)

We've been webcam chatting almost daily, she's teaching me all sorts of things, and lately she's been helping me plan our Korea trip. She wants to spend some time with us in Korea, which I think will be SO fun and she also invited us to her house for dinner! She's going to make us Bulgogi!! YAY! :) I think we're going to have such an amazing trip.

I talked to her about my idea of going to Clarissa's birth city and her husband was actually raised in that town, so she's very familiar with it. Then she found out for me that there is a branch office of our adoption agency in that city and that they'll send someone to help us if we want to visit the hospital. It would be a long trip, but I think it would really be worth it.

Getting to talk to her everyday is making the wait so much easier for me. Talking to her about all the fun things we can do when we get to Korea is making me SO excited for the trip! I love that we're going to have someone we know there if we need help getting around or if we have questions. I'm really looking forward to this trip!

So that's all the news I have around here today! There's not much else happening these days. We still don't have our legals, so nothing is moving on the adoption at the moment, and mostly we're just hanging out enjoying the last few weeks of the kids summer vacation before they start school around the middle of August. Time is flying by this summer!

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