Sunday, July 5, 2009

Has anyone seen my brain?

I think all the craziness around here is seriously getting to me! I'm so preoccupied with the adoption right now that I've shut everything else out of my mind and I find myself doing a lot of silly things lately!

I'm the secretary for our church's womens organization and part of my job is keeping track of everyone's birthday and getting cards out to everyone each Sunday. Everyone in the presidency signs them and when they run low I make new ones and bring them to our weekly meeting and we all sign a bunch of them. Last week we were out so I made some more and then forgot to take them to the meeting. Crap. So I arranged for everyone to sign them individually and then the president was going to take them to church today to hand out. That worked out fine until I realized that I forgot to sign them! Duh. Handing out birthday cards really isn't difficult, you would think that it wouldn't trip me up quite so much.

I've been doing that about everything lately. My brain is just in another universe these days. I've been extremely busy for the past few weeks and I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the things I need to do. My to-do list keeps getting longer and I'm struggling to keep up. This week I have a few more adoption projects to finish up, some projects that I need to get done for my chuch job and then I've got to get us packed up to go back out of town next weekend.

I guess being busy is a good thing and a bad thing. The busier I am the faster time goes and the faster Clarissa is going to get here. My life is certainly moving a lot faster than it was when I was waiting for the referral, that's for sure! I tend to get overwhelmed easy when I have a million things to do though and at the moment I'm just wishing that I could hit the pause button for a minute.

The other thing we have going on here this weekend is that I think Matthew may have Scarlet Fever. Josh had it when he was almost exactly Matthew's age and Matthew has all the symptoms of the beginnings of it. He broke out in a really weird rash yesterday that he still had today and it looks just like the rash that Josh had. We're keeping an eye on it, but for now we're keeping him at home just in case.

So between Matthew being sick, all the church projects I need to do, all the adoption stuff I have going on and the fact that we're leaving town AGAIN next weekend, life is certainly not boring right now.

Thank goodness that I have a fantastic husband who talks me down when I get overwhelmed and I have sweet kids who keep offering to help me. Josh realizes that I'm a little stressed out and he's been following me around all day asking if he can help me with something. He's such a sweet kid. I let him help me do the attendance rolls for church and then he offered to clean up the family room. I apppreciate him so much today, I just couldn't ask for sweeter kids.

So now that I've blogged I'm going to go back to my projects. Each project completed is one project closer to Clarissa being here, right?!

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