Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home alone, day two

It's still pretty quiet around here! I talked to my Korean friend last night and then I rented The Secret Life of Bees, which I watched until midnight. It was SO GOOD! I'm a little lonely without Shawn and the boys, but it is kind of nice to be able to do things that no one else would want to do. Shawn didn't seem all that interested in seeing The Secret Life of Bees with me.

Today I'm watching a Korean drama. This one is called Spring Waltz. If anyone remembers back when I watched Winter Sonata and I raved about it for weeks, this is another one in the same series. They made four dramas that are referred to as the Endless Love series. We've seen Winter Sonata and Summer Scent and now I'm watching Spring Waltz. The only one I have left it Autumn Tale. They're all different stories, but kind of on the same theme. They have similar story lines. They're ridiculously romantic and sweet but also tragic and sad and I'm completely hooked on them. Koreans know how to tell a story and keep you on the edge of your seat!

Spring Waltz is SO good so far! It's another 20 hour series, so it's going to take me a while to watch the whole thing. So far it's amazingly good. I'm totally hooked! I just talked to Shawn and he's in Yellowstone Park with his dad, which is one of my very favorite places to go and I'm bummed that I'm not there. So while Shawn is getting spoiled in Yellowstone and the kids are getting spoiled by Grandma, I'm going to lay around all day and spoil myself by watching hours and hours of Spring Waltz. I guess we're all taking seperate vacations. That's weird, we've never done that before.

In adoption news, I just got off the phone with the agency. I'm a little bummed that things aren't moving super quickly. We still haven't gotten our legals and the lady at the agency said that it could be another week or two before they come. We've also been waiting for almost a month to get an appointment to get refingerprinted by USCIS because our background check expires this month and we have to have an recent background check in order for them to approve our I600 form. We finally got the form today telling us when our fingerprint appointment is and it's not until the 29th.

So things are moving slower than I would like them to. I asked the woman at the agency if traveling in October is realistic and she said that unless we get paperwork approved really quickly it's more likely going to be in November. She said that the way the paperwork is moving we're pretty much looking at an absolute minimum of three months from now. So if everything went absolutely perfectly and all the forms were approved at their quickest possible speed, we'd be traveling the middle of October. Any delay and that's going to push everything back. Knowing the way the government works, we're likely to have some sort of delay. Nothing works perfectly.

So October is still possible I guess, but I'm going to try not to get my hopes up. Our agency tends to be really conservative when they give estimates though. She would rather tell me November and then have it be earlier than tell me that October is likely and have it be later. They did the same with our referral, although in that case her conservative guess was right, so you never know.

Anyway, that's all the news I have. Basically nothing is happening but at least we got our fingerprint appointment. That's something, I guess! Oh, and she said that she also got a confirmation from the Korean agency that they're going to do the medical test on Clarissa that we requested but she has no idea when they'll do it or when we'll get the results. There's a possibility that she has an extremely minor medical condition, but it's nothing to worry about. If she has it it's easily fixable. I'm not concerned about it, but if she has it it needs to be diagnosed so they can fix it. I'll talk more about it when we get the results.

So now I'm going to go back to watching Spring Waltz! Yay!


Celeste said...

How much of a notice will you get in order to purchase the plane tickets?

Wendy said...

Not much! Usually they just call you and tell you that your baby is ready to travel and then you make travel arrangements as fast as you can and hop on the plane. Once we get to the final step in the paperwork process we'll know that it's almost time to go, but we won't know exactly when until they call us and tell us that Clarissa is free to leave Korea.

It's sort of like when you're nine months pregnant and you have your bag packed next to the front door, just waiting for your water to break, lol.

Celeste said...

hahaha! Man, that stinks- I bet that really hikes up the travel expenses too!