Friday, July 17, 2009

I love my Korean friend :)

OK, seriously, another post about my Korean friend?! lol

We've been webcam chatting every day for the past week, sometimes twice a day. She is seriously the nicest person ever! Tonight she gave me an excellent Korean lesson. I think I learned more tonight than I learned in a month of Rosetta Stone. I was already super excited to go on our trip to Korea but now I'm even more excited because hopefully we're going to meet while we're there! Our kids have chatted with each other and tonight our husbands even chatted for a minute! So awesome.

So now I'm totally learning Korean and I'm absolutely loving it. My brain is totally full tonight from everything I learned and I have a LOT of practice to do, but I'm finally getting somewhere! Jin-Ha is an answer to a prayer. Her friendship is just what I needed in my life right now.

So now I'm signing off to go have date night with Shawn. We're eating take out Thai food and watching Spring Waltz. I finished it and now I'm watching it again with him! Best Korean drama EVER!

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