Sunday, July 12, 2009

Look at me, I'm bilingual! :)

I talked to my friend in Korea again tonight! She's such a huge blessing to me. She taught me how to say a whole bunch of things tonight. I'm working on a little mini speech (like 3-4 sentences) that I want to say to Clarissa's foster mother when we go to Korea and she's helping me. I told her what I wanted to say and she translated it for me and she's helping me practice it. I've written it all down and I'm practicing it like crazy and it almost sounds like I know what I'm saying! :)

I can very confidently say "It was very nice to meet you" in Korean now. I've been walking around the house saying it all evening. When I get to Korea I need to meet a lot of people, just so I can "it was very nice to meet you" to them in Korean. :) I'm also learning to tell the foster mother thank you for taking such good care of Clarissa and that we hope to be able to visit Korea with her again someday. It's a good little speech. :)

I absolutely love the Korean language. I love to hear it spoken, it just sounds beautiful to me. It's hard for me to learn though. Because I've always loved to read and write and English was always my best subject in high school, I always figured that learning another language would be easy for me, but it's not. Well actually, some languages aren't bad. I took Spanish in high school and I found that language pretty easy to learn.

Korean is a lot trickier than Spanish though, especially because not only do you have to learn to speak it, you have to learn to read it. I can't just read a sentence in Korean the way I could read a sentence in Spanish. Everything in Korean is written in Hangul characters. If you look up how to say "hello" in Korean, you get this: 안녕하세요. You have to learn to read that before you can use it to help you learn to speak. So to learn to say something I have to rely on hearing it or have someone write the sounds out for me, which is what my Korean friend is doing. I wish I could just snap my fingers and be fluent, or at least good enough to have a basic conversation. Maybe if I keep talking to my Korean friend enough I'll start picking it up more. We're going to meet again tomorrow night!

So I'll keep practicing what I've learned and my Korean friend will help me learn more. Thank goodness for her, she's the answer to a prayer.


Unknown said...

How wonderful you found someone to help you with Korean! The only things I know how to say are hello, I love you and friend. Well, that and Bulgogi and Mandoo! LOL!

wendy (bookends)

Kate said...

You are gonna get so good at your little speach that you are also going to hav to learn to say "I dont reeally speak Korean so dont try to talk to me. What I just said is all you get." LOL. I love seeing you so happy about all of this. I cant wait until you get to go get baby girl and get her in America!!