Thursday, July 30, 2009

Woohoo, I'm Korean!! :)

I chatted with my Korean friend tonight and she gave me a Korean name. From here on out I will officially be known as Soo-Yun. :) Lol! I love my Korean friend. She and her son had a ball coming up with Korean names for me and the boys. Josh and Matthew are now Hun-Soo and Hun-Woo. How cute is that? :)

I also learned how to yell at my kids to clean their rooms, brush their teeth and take a shower just like a real Korean mom. We giggled over that for a while!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE my Korean friend?!

Ok, so that was story #1. Here's story #2:

This is what I found hanging on my bedroom door today:

Apparently Matthew is working on a science presentation for us. :) I love that kid. Unfortunately we weren't able to do it tonight, so tomorrow night we will attend Matthew's special presentation in the basement at 8pm.

My very own Korean name and an invitation to the most exclusive event ever held in our basement?! I'd say it was a pretty sucessful day. :)

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Kate said...

sounds like a winner of a day to me! Let usknow how it goes.