Thursday, August 27, 2009

Down to a trickle

Things are a little better around here today. Josh seems to be doing better, his cough isn't as bad and his arm isn't hurting as much. He's still not doing great, but he's improving, and at this point we're all happy for that!! :) Tomorrow he gets his hard cast on and I think things will be a little easier around here after that. He's going to be able to move around better with his arm more securely braced.

I've been trying to find things to keep Josh busy and something to keep him from being completely bored while he's resting. A few days ago I was trying to think of a movie or a TV show or something that I could watch with him and I remembered the old Nickelodeon cartoon "Doug." Remember that show? I always thought it was funny. Anyway I checked Amazon and they have it on DVD so I took advantage of my Amazon Prime membership and got free second day air on it and it arrived today. Josh had never seen it before, so we had a good time watching it together for a while. That's pretty much the biggest thing we accomplished today. :)

Oh, we did have another fun thing happen today! Matthew came home from school today with a packet of get well cards from all the kids in Josh's class. Josh absolutely LOVED reading all of them. All the kids in his class took the time to draw him pictures and write him little notes and it really made him happy. We're going to save all of them in his memory box. It was a much needed boost to his day.

Oh! And according to one of the cards, the mother of one of his classmates reads my blog! I don't know who she is (at least I don't think I do?), but hello to whoever you are! :) Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet sometime this year. Thank your son for his sweet get well card, it meant a lot Josh.

So that's all the news from our house. For dinner tonight Shawn is picking up take-out from the Chili's that just opened up around the corner from our house. New restaurants keep popping up all over the place around here and we've enjoyed trying them out. We have to support the businesses in our area, right? (That's code for "I really didn't want to cook tonight".)

And now I have the Chili's baby back ribs song in my head....


My5Blessings said...

And to think you thought things would be quiet when the kids went back to school. I am so glad to hear that Josh is doing better! How sweet of his new classmates to make him cards, too sweet! Hope things are better with his new cast. Feel better soon Josh!

Lori said...

And now I too have the Chili's Baby Back Ribs song stuck in my head.

I remember watching "Doug". Was it as good as you remembered it? I thought it was a pretty funny show.