Friday, August 14, 2009


This blog has been kind of a ghost town lately! Life has been super hectic around here lately but none of it has been exciting enough to blog about.

The kids are are getting settled in school and they seem to be adjusting well. They're making friends and they come home happy every day, so things seem to be working out. Although I did find out something mildly irritating yesterday! The whole reason we started thinking about switching them to the new school was because at the end of last school year we were told that their old school would no longer be bussing in our area. I was really stressed out about that because with Clarissa coming in a couple of months, bussing is going to be a huge help to me this school year. I stressed out over what to do about the bussing problem, we finally decided that this new school has enough pro's that switching would be a good idea and then I stressed out over whether or not they'd get in.

Then yesterday I found out that the old school changed their mind and they ARE bussing in our area this year! And now we have to walk past their old, very convienent, bus stop to get to their new, not convienent at all, bus stop. Bleh. Oh well, the new school is good, the kids have lots of friends there and I think that things are going to work out just fine. The new school and the old school are extremely similar, but the new school has more friends from our church there. So I guess switching makes sense anyway.

So once I finally got my kids off to school I got all ready to start tackling some projects around here...and then I got sick! I really haven't felt well for the past couple of days. I'm super tired and achy and my stomach is not happy with me if I eat anything. So I've kind of just been laying around stressing over the fact that I have things to do and I don't feel well enough to do them.

But Matthews birthday is tomorrow and I have birthday stuff to do so this morning I dragged myself out and got all the birthday shopping done, so we're ready to celebrate tomorrow. We're not having a party with friends, but we're going to do something special as a family. I told Matthew that he could plan the day tomorrow. Whatever he wants to do is what we'll do. So maybe we'll go see a movie or go to the zoo or go to Chuck E Cheese or something. I'm sure that Matthew will come up with something fun. :) I can't believe he's going to be six already! Time is really flying by.

In adoption news there's not a whole lot new. We got a call from the USCIS office yesterday letting us know that our fingerprint approval is done and that they received our I600 but haven't started working on it yet, but should be in the next few days. I was actually super impressed that they called. She even gave me a number to call her back if we have questions. Most USCIS offices aren't so friendly or accessable and won't allow you to call them directly. So I feel pretty good about the I600 process going smoothly. I hope that in a few weeks we're approved and on to the next step. So far our whole paperwork process has been really smooth and snag free and I'm really grateful for that. I've heard enough horror stories that I've been really worried about it. I'm kind of a nervous wreck these days anyway, so I've been really glad that the paperwork hasn't given me one more thing to stress about.

I'm going to be SO glad when this is all over and we finally have Clarissa in our arms. I've lived and breathed this adoption for two years and now that we're in the home stretch I'm starting to burn out a bit. Not on thinking about Clarissa, of course, but just all the paperwork and the money and the logistics of getting her home. I'm just really anxious to move on from this and start the new and wonderful chapter in our lives. I look forward to the day when I can wake up in the morning and not just wonder what Clarisssa is doing but actually look over and see her sweet face. That sounds like Heaven to me!

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