Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's pouring

It seems like whenever there is some sort of chaotic event in our lives, it's immediately followed by several more. When it rains it pours around here and today it's pouring.

Josh is at the doctor with Shawn right now getting a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. In the midst of the pain he's been in this week with his arm, he seems to have developed a cold. It started out as the sniffles and then a little cough, and then a BIG cough, and today he's been really wheezy and miserable. Shawn just called me from the doctors office and said that the doctor doesn't like the way his lungs sound so they're going to give him a breathing treatment and then they're going to do a chest x-ray.

I've sort of reached the point this week where I'm so ridiculously stressed out that all I can do is sit here and take deep breaths and remind myself that surely it has to pass soon, right??

Poor Josh, it just breaks my heart that he's having such a hard time right now. The pain in his arm seems to be a lot better, but he doesn't feel well, he's bored, he's tired from not sleeping well with the cast on his arm and all the coughing he's doing and I think he's just had enough of it. I hope that he doesn't have pneumonia and that it's just a bad cold that will clear up on it's own soon. I guess worst case scenerio we head back over to the hospital and spend some more time with the nice people on the peds floor. I wonder if they offer a frequent visitor discount.

So that's what's going on here today. We're all kind of cranky and exhausted and stressed out and life isn't all that fun here this week. Hopefully Shawn is going to call me back in a few minutes and say that everything is fine, Josh just needs some good cough medicine and that he'll be fine. I think Josh has been through enough for one week!

UPDATE: It's not pneumonia, it's bronchitis. Still not fantastic, but I'm relieved that it's not pneumonia. The doctor gave him some medication and hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.


Unknown said...

HUGS Wendy,

PLEASE let me know if there is anything that I can do. I am sure my kids would LOVE to send him a "Get well video" online. Poor kiddo, I can't even imagine how hard this must be on him. HUGS to you all.

Lori said...

Poor mama and kiddo! I bet neither one of you is sleeping well.

It's definitely pouring at your house right now, but the rainbow should be appearing soon! Hang in there!