Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lots of updates!!! :)

Whew, today was a big day in adoption news!!

First of all, we got Clarissa's six month well baby checkup report. She now weighs 20.5 pounds!! She's the chunkiest baby ever, lol. We also found out that she has two teeth!! She's getting so big! I was happy to read the report and hear that she's developing well, but a little sad that we're missing out on all her milestones. I can't wait to get her home.

Which brings us to update #2! I got an e-mail today letting us know that we got Clarissa's emigration permit approval, which is one step in the paperwork process that I didn't expect to see for another few weeks at least! I usually see I600's approved before EP approval. What that means is that we're crusin' on the paperwork!! If things continue at this rate we may actually be travelling sooner than we thought, possibly in early October!!

This is big news at our house today!! I'm praying that our I600 gets approved quickly because if it does we really may get Clarissa home a lot sooner than we thought.

It's suddenly seeming very real!! After all this waiting we may actually be holding Clarissa in our arms in less than two months!! YAY!!


Unknown said...

WOW! How awesome! She must be huge, Isaiah who is now 3 1/2 is only 28lbs. However, Tasha when she was 8 months old was 22lbs. I can't wait until October! I can't wait to see your family pictures with your beautiful daughter in your arms! WAHOO congrats on one step closer!

Jill said...

I just got chills thinking about your long wait and now this amazing (near) end to your journey! Gives me hope that the next year of our wait might be bearable!

Jenn said...

That's awesome Wendy!!! I hope the paperworks keeps itself on the fast track so that you can be making some serious travel arrangements early October!! Yay!

Lori said...

That is just about the best news I've heard all week! So glad that the process is moving along.

Clarissa is quite the chunky baby! I can't wait to see real pictures of her. Those chunky legs, cheeks, arms, etc are going to be too cute!

candice said...

Congrats on EP!!! One more step down!
WOW- she is a big girl! I am sure she is such a cutie too! It will be good when you can post pictures.
Our baby is 16 lbs at 1 year old-lol!(but was a preemie)

Anna said...

That would mean you can use the lady bug costume after all! Assuming she still fits in it of course.