Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's been an exhausting few days around here! We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and after getting Josh comfortable on the couch we all pretty much crashed for the rest of the day.

Josh is doing OK, but he's still having a lot of pain at times. I was concerned about where he should sleep last night because I wanted it to be somewhere super comfortable, but close to us so that I could help him in the night if he needed it. It turned out that the best place for him is Clarissa's room!

It's right across the hall from us, so I can hear what's going on in there really well, plus with the trundle there are two beds in there so that I can stay in there with him if I need to. I pulled the trundle out and made him a perfect little cocoon with pillows so that he can elevate his arm comfortably and that is working out really well. Then I can sleep on the upper bed if I need to, or people can comfortably hang out in there with him. Matthew actually got up at about 10:30 and went and crawled into the upper bed and slept in there last night. I think he just wanted to be close to Josh, which was really sweet.
I was planning to get him comfortable on the couch during the day, but he's so comfortable in Clarissa's room that he's pretty much just staying in there for now. He has to keep his arm bent, elevated and iced as much as possible, so there's no a whole lot he can do but lay there. I put a TV in there and we've all been in there entertaining him, so I think he's definitely not getting too bored.

This morning he was really in a lot of pain, but as the day has gone on he seems to be doing better. We're keeping the pain medicine in him and that seems to be helping. Hopefully he'll improve every day and be doing a lot better soon.
Here is a picture of him earlier today hanging out in the trundle bed and also an x-ray photo of the pins in his arm. He thinks the x-ray is pretty cool! :)


JET said...

Poor Josh. He does look comfortable in his sisters room though. :) Feel better soon.

Kaylene said...

What drama! Poor kid, and poor Mama!