Monday, August 3, 2009

Return from Meltdown City

I'm much calmer today than I was yesterday. :)

This morning I woke up determined to get some things off my to-do list so that I could clear out my brain a little and cross off some of the things I've been stressing over. So this morning Josh and I did some school shoe shopping online and got the best deal on new school clothes! Famous Footwear is having a BOGO 1/2 off sale, plus there is a 20% off discount code floating around PLUS I had a rewards card that gave me $10 more off. So the kids officially have school shoes and it didn't cost me a fortune. I can check that off my list!

Then we went over to Old Navy and did some school shopping. It's ingrained in my brain that you have to have a whole new wardrobe to start school every year (Because growing up I always DID) but I was going through my kids clothes and they still have plenty of things that fit and are in great shape, so we pared the school shopping down to the bare minimum today. We got few cute things, the kids are happy and I can cross that off my list.

Then I called the new school that the kids are hopefully going to and found out that the secretary will be there tomorrow so if I call then I can hopefully find out if my kids have gotten in. I'm looking forward to crossing that off my list tomorrow, especially if they both got in. That's going to make my life muuuch easier when school starts.

So I'm getting there. I'm marking stuff off my list and clearing out some space in my brain. Aaahhh, it feels nice. :)

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Dave and Beth said...

Way to go!!! Hope you are more at ease!! Sounds like you got a great deal on shoes!! Hope both your kiddos got in so you can cross that off your list!