Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby gates and baby showers

Well, now that we're down to the last month of our adoption adventure it's time to all of the projects that I've been putting off because I thought I had so much time to do them. :)

At this point we've been waiting for this adoption for about two years. Over the past two years Shawn and I will often say "you know what we need do before Clarissa gets here?" and then follow that up with something like "install baby gates", "go through the baby toys", "paint the playroom", or one of a million other projects we need to do. And then we always say "yeah, but we've got time." I think after a while the wait go so long that it started to feel like this whole adoption thing was just something we talk about and not something that would actually ever happen.

And now here we are, with about one month left before we go pick up Clarissa and all those "you know what we need to do before Clarissa get here" projects are now piled up in my head and I'm starting to panic a little!

So we're making a list and every day we're both picking at least one thing off the list to accomplish. My job today was to research baby gates, but then I had a moment of panic when I realized that Shawn's birthday is in two days and I haven't gotten him a present yet, so instead I just spend my morning birthday shopping. Then I had a craving for chicken salad on crackers, so I had to go to the grocery store to buy chicken and crackers, and after I ate that (yum!) I remembered that I needed to blog today, and now here I am and I still haven't started researching baby gates. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to start, I promise.

Story number 2 for the day is that I'm having a baby shower in a couple of weeks! Yay! I have three fantastic friends who want to throw a shower for me and I'm just ridiculously excited about it! I'm so grateful for my sweet friends who are putting it together for me. I have so many fun things coming up that I'm really looking forward to. This month is going to be insanely busy getting everything ready, but it's also going to be really fun and exciting. It finally feels real!! We're actually going to be getting on that plane and flying to Korea to pick up Clarissa. I'm finally going to get to see her with my own eyes and kiss her sweet chubby cheeks. I can't wait to bring her home and start the new chapter in our lives. Exciting days are ahead!!


Amanda said...

I have a baby gate I love (it's my second one) I will have to e-mail you the link later tonight...about to leave and go get older son at school.

Amanda said...

I use it on my stairs but it is good for any opening. and it rolls up in itself on the wall when not in use...totally out of the way.

Unknown said...

We have a safty first plastic swinging gate. It is WONDERFUL. We keep it at the top of the stairs. It is easy enough for Tasha to open. At church we had ones that you would have to stomp on to open and I really did not like those at all. Though they were metal, the kids in my sunday school toddler class would get it opened. They also discolored some though out the years.
We had an accross the room mesh baby gate that was TERRIBLE here. It broke within a week of us having it. Then took it back for a new one three times. it was called Super Wide Summer Infant Custom Fit Baby Gate.
Are you planning on registering anywhere? I really want to send something special.