Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm still alive!

I haven't updated all week! I kept starting blog posts but then I didn't really have anything to talk about so it just ends up being really boring and I never manage to actually post anything.

But here I am, I'm still alive and things are still moving along!

Last weekend Shawn was a really sick with a bad cold and now I've managed to get it. I haven't felt well for the past several days and today I've almost lost my voice. So I really haven't done a whole lot this week except lay around and not feel well.

Although I did do something fun!! My baby shower was last night!! YAY! Three of my really good friends put together a beautiful shower for me and we had a really good time. Even though I didn't feel super good, I had a great time. I got so many cute baby clothes that I think I'm going to have to change Clarissa's clothes three times a day just to enjoy them all, lol. I've had a fun time this morning putting things in her closet. I'm really grateful to all my sweet friends who came.

This morning I talked to my Korean friend for a little bit. Usually we talk at night here when it's midmorning there, so her kids aren't usually home, but we decided to talk this morning, which is night time in Korea and I got a chance to talk to her kids a little bit more. They are so cute, I get such a kick out of talking to them. I'm excited to get to meet her family when we go to Korea.

Nothing much is new in the wait for Clarissa's Visa. That's normal for this stage though. We're still waiting for her P3 to get back to the embassy so that they can schedule her Visa interview. Hopefully that will happen in the next week or two. I'm fairly confident that we'll have everything done and will be travelling the first part of October but I still get a little nervous sometimes that we're going to be held up by something. So far everything has gone smoothly though and I hope and pray that it continues.

So that's pretty much the update from my house. It's been a fairly uneventful week, but now that I'm starting to get over my cold it's time to go back to the projects! Fun!


My5Blessings said...

Hi Wendy! I am glad you posted I was starting to wonder. I am so sorry that you and Shawn have been sick after all you just went through with Josh. How is he doing? When does he get his cast off?
Wow a baby shower, how exciting and fun! I hope when you are feeling better you get a chance to post some pictures. I bet you are just so excited to be buying little girl's clothes. I can only imagine what Clarissa's wardrobe is going to look like! Are you sure her closet is big enough? *smiles* I am so happy for you and your family! I can already tell how much Clarissa is going to be loved! I am going to keep praying that all goes smoothly and quickly and she is in your arms very soon!

Joy said...

Katherine Heigl just announced that she is adopting a Korean little girl - did you know about that???

I'm so excited that the wait is almost over for you!!

ahumphries said...

You gotta post some pictures of those cute little outfits!