Thursday, September 3, 2009

Logged out!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Shawn! YAY! :) He turns 37 today.

Second, I called the NVC again this morning and Clarissa has officially been logged out of their sytem, which is good news! (we also found out that we were logged in on August 28th, not August 20th, like we were told the other day)

That means we're on to the next step, which is getting her Visa interview scheduled.

For my own record keeping, and just for fun, here is our timeline so far:

Initial request for adoption application: Summer of 2007
Homestudy sent to Korea: 11/21/07
Referral: 6/19/09
received Legals: 7/30/09
reveived Emigration Permit: 8/03/09
I600 approval: 8/27/09
logged into NVC: 8/28/09
logged out of NVC: 9/1/09

The only things left to do is the P3 (which is visa related paperwork), her visa interview, and her travel certificate! Her P3 is probably going to happen any day now, and the travel certificate comes right after the visa interview, so the only thing we're REALLY waiting on is the visa interview, which can sometimes take a month.

Next week I'll start calling the DC visa status number to see if her visa interview has been scheduled. I'm planning to call every day until they give me a date! Once we know that date we'll know approximately when we'll be traveling, because once that interview has happened it's probably only going to be a matter of days before they issue her travel certificate and declare her free to leave Korea.

That's a lot of boring technical information, but the bottom line is that we're getting close! A month from now we may be in Korea! YAY! :)


Leslie said...

I am so excited for you I can't wait to meet her through your blog. Congrats on hitting the next step.

My5Blessings said...

Wow Wendy how exciting!!! I have tears in my eyes thinking of how close you are to meeting your sweet baby Clarissa!

Can it take less than a month?

Wendy said...

It can, but it probably won't. Every now and then everything aligns just perfectly and it happens really fast, but in most cases it seems like a month is pretty standard.

There's also the possibility that it could take longer. Every now and then I see someone who for some inexplicable reason gets stuck in the process and it takes two months. That doesn't happen very often either though.

So I'm mostly planning on a month and hoping that it's not any longer than that! :)

KrisJ said...

OMG I can NOT believe how fast your paper work has gone through! HOW EXCITING!!! I hope you are ready to book a flight!

Unknown said...

How exciting! Does this mean she might be home by Halloween? Have you thought of a costume for her (and her brothers)?

wendy (bookends)

Wendy said...

If everything goes well she should be home for Halloween, which is good because I bought her Halloween costume a year ago! :) It's the cutest ladybug costume EVER! I'm absolutely dying for her to wear it!

Josh and Matthew are going to be Star Wars characters I think, but I still haven't bought their costumes. I always have to wait til the last minute for those two in case they change their minds. :)

~April~ said...

That's so amazing Wendy! Yay!

Melissa said...

I've been following your blog and am getting so excited for you!!

Lori said...

YAY! This is so exciting. Did you ever think that after all that waiting that things would move so quickly?