Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New photos!!

Remember the thing a few weeks ago that I talked about and then found out that I couldn't talk about? Well, I still can't talk about it. :)

So on a completely unrelated note (because we're not talking about it), I got photos of Clarissa this morning!!!!!

I've only ever seen a few photos of Clarissa, all taken by the agency for documentation purposes and in every photo she has a distressed look on her face-never a smile.

Well now I have several photos of my sweet girl with a huge grin on her face, with the two cutest bottom teeth ever! :) She's wearing a shirt that I mailed her in her care package, and bows in her hair that I made for her while I was waiting for our referral. She's absolutely beautiful!!!

She's healthy and happy and I can't wait to get to Korea and kiss her sweet chubby cheeks. Today is a really good day. :)


Amy said...

If this were facebook I'd be hitting the "like" button over and over. This is great!

Dawn said...

So...can you take a picture of a picture and post it? ;)

Laura said...

That's so wonderful!!!

Laura (Daisy615 on Holt BB)