Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick again!!

This is NOT a good time for me to be getting sick!! Remember that whole chest congestions/coughing thing I had going on? That lasted for a good two weeks and then I finally felt better for a few days and now I have the worst head cold ever!! Shawn's got it too, it's like we just keep passing things back and forth. My head feels like it's going to explode today, and I just don't have time for this.

We didn't get our travel call on Friday, which is probably a good thing since we're not ready to leave town at the moment. I never ever thought that I'd be hoping that they wait a few days before calling us to tell us to come get Clarissa, but at the moment, I do almost hope that they wait. Aside from being sick we don't want to travel during the Korean Thanksgiving celebration next weekend, so if they wait a few more days to call us it will probably be a blessing.

We're going to be insanely busy this week getting everything packed and getting all the plans made for the trip. I feel like we still have so much to do! There are a couple of things that I procrastinated on for too long and now I'm scrambling to finish things up, and finishing them up while drugged out on cold medicine is not going to be easy.

We'll get it done though and before we know it we're going to be in Korea holding our daughter! Along with my wedding day and the birth of our other two children, this is going to be one of the most important days of my entire life. I know that in a week or two my life is going to change and it's a little scary but SO exciting! We've been waiting for this moment for two years and I can't believe it's finally here. We're FINALLY going to meet our daughter!!


Simply Redheads said...

I've been reading your blog keeping up with your story, and i am so excited for you i had to post! I am adopted also, so it has been nice for me to see things from your point of view. Congratulations!!!

My5Blessings said...

Wendy, I am so sorry that you are sick again! My son was sick a couple of weeks ago then I got it last week. Same thing bad head cold, mild sore throat and then into a cough. I found Sudafed worked good during the day then Benedryl at night, finally Delsym for the cough and I "finally" feel on the mend. If you are not already get yourself on a good daily vitamin and some C's. That should help. Hope you feel better soon!!!
Take care, Michelle

Ami said...

I'm SO excited for your family! I remember reading some of your earliest posts and it seems like ages ago. Can't wait to read about your journey to Korea.

momto3 said...

Wendy, So after many years of reading your posts/blogs, I decided to comment. I also have two bio boys (5 and 7), and have just adopted another baby boy. I can remember every emotion you describe, and can't wait until you start experiencing the joy that will soon come. My husband and I got the call in an airport, when we had finally decided to go away. Our little guy was born Feb 6, 2008. So, as you can see we have some definite similarities. We cannot imagine our life without him. He has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined. I will be thinking about you and reliving in my head those first precious moments when they handed us our son and we told him how long we had been waiting to meet him. Good Luck!!!!