Thursday, October 1, 2009

More info

It's a big day around here! :)

First of all, I'm still feeling sick, but I feel better than I did yesterday, so I'm confident that I'm going to be all better before next week.

So onto adoption news, I just finished booking the flight and the hotel! We fly out of Boise at 8am Wednesday morning, go through San Francisco and because of the time change we don't arrive in Seoul until Thursday evening Korean time. So we basically lose the first two days of our trip in travel, which is a bummer. Because of that we've decided to stay until the following Thursday instead of of Wednesday so that we have time to do all the things we're hoping to do while we're there!

I'm going to have a longer discussion with our agency on Monday where we'll go over the details of the trip, but we'll be in Seoul Thursday evening and hopefully we'll get to meet Clarissa on Friday. We'll have a meeting with the foster mother at the Korean agency and we'll get to spend some time getting to know Clarissa. We won't get to take Clarissa with us until the end of the trip, but we should get some chances to visit her during the week.

We have a LOT of things planned while we're in Korea. Hopefully Monday we're going to take the train to the city Clarissa was born in. If we're lucky we'll get to talk to the social worker who handled her case and visit the hospital where she was born. The city she was born in is also a coastal city, so we'll get to visit the ocean that day too, which will be a fun experience.

I'm going to be taking my netbook to Korea with me and the hotel has internet access, so I'll be blogging while we're there.

About photos of Clarissa-I'm still not sure at what point it's going to be OK for me to post photos of her. So I may post photos of her while we're in Korea and I may not. I will DEFINITELY be posting photos of the trip when we're there, I'm just not sure whether or not Clarissa will be in them or not. You may just get photos of the back of her head or something, lol. I'll find out what I'm allowed to do. Don't worry, eventually I'm going to be plastering her face all over my blog! :)

Here's what happens once we get home. Korea is one of the few countries where you don't finalize the adoption in the childs birth country. When Clarissa enters the US she'll have a green card and will be considered a legal alien. We have to wait six months before she can be legally adopted. In the meantime our social worker will visit our home a few times and make sure that we're all adjusting properly and once the six months has passed we'll go to court and have her officially adopted and they'll make her an American citizen. I think that's going to be a really exciting day for our family!

I'm sure I didn't cover all the questions I've been asked, but there's the basics. I'll be posting a lot more information as soon as I know more details about our trip.

So now we have a few REALLY busy days ahead of us getting ready for the trip! I've officially started the freakout about flying. I had a total panic attack today while making the plane reservations! I had to call my friend, who is ALWAYS my voice of reason, to remind me of all the reasons why I'm probably not going to die in a firey plane crash. I've spent the past two years dreaming about the day that I finally get to go to Korea and then suddenly today I think I changed my mind for a minute, lol! I did eventually make the plane reservations and I'm sure with the proper medication and a photo of Clarissa in my hand, I'll survive the flight. :)

So now I'm off to finish making plans! More info to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

Yay Wendy! So excited for you and your family!!

Unknown said...

So in a week, you will have your baby girl in your arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so happy for you! I think that this is the most excited that I have been since I had my kids!

Melissa said...

Yay!!! So excited for you!!!

KrisJ said...

SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Almost exactly a year after Malia got home! She got home on the 9th last year!! I should have sent you $$ And made you grab her a Korean b-day present!! I am so excited and cant wait to see her pics!! WOOHOO!!!

Jenn said...

Yay White family!!! Woohoo, Korea here you come! That is SO exciting, I can't wait to hear all about it, this trip has been so exciting for me and I'm not adopted anyone LOL Take faith, the trip will go smoothly, and the flight will be kind of like child birth, you worry before it happens, you're not thrilled while it's happening, but once it's over and you have your sweet bundle in your arms you forget all about it! So think of it as the child birth of adopting LOL

Good luck guys!!