Saturday, October 24, 2009

The photo shoot...sort of!

Today ended up being a super busy day!! This morning a friend of mine who does ceramic handprints and footprints offered us one for free as a baby gift, so we went over and made the mold of Clarissa's hands and feet. It will take a few weeks for her to finish it, but I'm SO excited to see it!! We never got a copy of Clarissa's handprints and footprints from birth, so doing them now means a lot to me.

Then I went and ran all the errands that I should have done days ago but didn't because I spent the week snuggling with sweet Clarissa, so that took up most of my afternoon!

But I did manage to cram a quick photo shoot in this afternoon. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I did get a few decent ones. It was cold outside today, so we had to make it quick and Clarissa wasn't nearly as excited about sitting in the leaves as I thought she would be! She absolutely refused to look at the camera and she got really mad when we kept telling her that she couldn't eat the leaves, lol.

So I'll share a few of the photos I got, but I'm going to try to do some more maybe tomorrow or later next week if it's a little warmer. I also didn't get any of the boys with her today. Matthew was busy working on a project and Josh isn't feeling well today, so I decided not to torture them with pictures. Hopefully I'll get them in photos tomorrow. I still don't have a photo of our whole family! Trying to find a time when everyone is home, dressed up and happy hasn't been easy so far. I'll try it again tomorrow when we're not so busy!

Anyway, the photos are at dropshots if you want to check them out!


My5Blessings said...

Aww Wendy they look adorable!!! I especially love the one of you and her and that dress is totally adorable on her! Did you make her hairbow? It matches perfectly!

I am so sorry to hear Josh is sick. I hope he feels better soon!We have had sickness on and off all week too.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

She is so beautiful Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have a totally odd question for you, does she have your last name now? I remember you saying something about waiting 6 months after you get her to officially sign the adoption papers. I hope you don't mind that I keep asking so many questions, I am just so interested by the whole process! We are right now considering adopting a teen.

Wendy said...

That's awesome that you're considering adoption!!

Clarissa does not have our last name yet. In fact, Clarissa really isn't even her name yet. Her name is legally her Korean name until we officially adopt her, which we can't do for six months. The day we adopt her they'll make her an American citizen and legally change her name. It will be a big day! :)

My5Blessings said...

Beck, I think it's wonderful that you are concidering adopting a teenager. How rewarding to help shape someone's future when they need it the most!


Lori said...

Thanks for sharing pics with us! They are very cute. I love her dress! I can't wait to see her in THE dress though.

Brandy said...

She's absolutely beautiful. I love the pictures. :)

Lacy Rose said...

Wendy I just love the pics!

Silly question maybe but how does Clarissa do with her necklace?
She doesnt bother with it when she wears it? I also noticed that she had a bracelet in some of her pics. tooo cute!

I have a 2 year old boy and I am dying seeing all of the jewelry and cutesy dresses!

Wendy said...

The necklace and bracelet came home with her from Korea. I think her foster mother must have bought them for her. They're both engraved with her name and the bracelet has the foster mothers telephone number on it as well. In case she got lost, I guess?

Since she's always worn them she doesn't really even notice them. I keep meaning to take them off and put them in her keepsake box, but I just haven't done it yet. I'm still enjoying all the girly things too much to put them away, lol!