Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy day!

Today was the day I've been dreading since Clarissa got home-I had to take her to the doctor for her well baby visit and to start her immunizations. One of my least favorite parts of being a parent is taking my kids for their shots. I've been putting it off, but it needed to be done so I sucked it up and took her in.

I really do love our doctors office. The nurse is the nicest person ever and she was so excited to finally get to see Clarissa! Unfortunately Clarissa wasn't all that excited to see her! She wasn't all that happy about me taking her clothes off so that she could be poked and prodded. Poor kid!

They did her measurements and she's 23.5 pounds and 29 inches long!! I love our chunky little princess! :)

Then the doctor came in and Clarissa wasn't all that impressed with him either. :)

One of the many wonderful things about adopting from Korea is the quality of medical care they give the babies while they're there. When they gave Clarissa to us in Korea they gave us a file folder with all her medical charts in it and it was very detailed. The doctor was impressed that we had so much info. She did have some immunizations in Korea so she's not super behind, but there are a few we have to catch up on. The doctor is great about spreading things out so that she doesn't get too many at once, but she did have to have two today.

I seriously hate it when my babies need shots. I know that they're necessary but it seems so mean to hurt them when they don't understand what's going on. She was sitting there happy and all of a sudden the mean nurse hurt her leg for no reason. It makes me sad!

Clarissa and I both survived the trauma though and we finally got to pack up and go home. She's done well since she had them, she doesn't seem to be having any problems. Immunizations make me nervous, so I always worry for a few days afterwards.

Shortly after we got home we had to pack up the boys and take them to the dentist for their six month checkups. I LOVE our dentists office! If anyone in Boise needs a good dentist, I know a great one! Every time we've gone in there for the past two years they've asked us how the adoption process is going and they were SO excited to hear that Clarissa is finally here! She was the star of the show when we went in there today, lol.

First of all, the dentist lived in Korea for two years doing missionary work for our church several years ago, so he's been excited for us to go there and tell him about our trip. Then when we got in there today I discovered that they have a new receptionist-and she's a Korean adoptee!! She was really excited to hear about the adoption and I was really interested in talking to her about her experience as an adoptee. She actually has two older brothers who are biological, just exactly like our family! She has a very positive view of adoption and has had a happy life with her adoptive family, which made me really happy to hear. I don't know very many adult Korean adoptees so when I come across one I always feel like I want to hear every detail about their lives. I had to stop myself from asking a zillion questions!

So today was kind of an exhausting day of doctors appointments, but it was fun to finally get to show her off to people who have been following our adoption story for a while. For the longest time it felt like everywhere I went people would ask me how the adoption process was going and my answer was always "slow"! It's SO great to finally be able to have a MUCH better answer to that question!!

In a couple of days Clarissa will have been home a MONTH! I can't believe how fast the time has flown! In about a week and a half it will officially be two years since our paperwork went to Korea and we went on the waiting list. We had no idea where our journey was going to take us when we started this process, but I can't imagine being more thrilled with the outcome!!

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Tracie said...

How awesome to meet a Korean adoptee at your dentist office! That's a great connection for an adoptive parent to have.

I'm so happy everything is going so well for Clarissa!