Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy life!

Did you think I dissapeared?! :)

I'm still here, just SUPER busy these days! Life is wonderful but it's zooming along faster that I can keep up sometimes.

Clarissa has now been home for a little over a month and we couldn't possibly be happier! She's made an amazing adjustment and things are going really smoothly. She's growing and learning so quickly and it's fun to watch her explore her new world. She's getting up on her hands and knees now, ready to crawl any time now! I was looking back at some video that we took of her in Korea a month ago and it's amazing to me how much more grown up she seems even since then. They change so fast at this age!

It's been kind of chaotic around here for the past few weeks. I was just getting Clarissa on a good schedule during the day and then the boys track break started. They're out of school for the whole month of November, so that's given me a little more to juggle around here. It's pretty much go go go from morning till night around here these days. I feel bad because I feel like I've abandoned my friends a little bit this past month. I have only chatted with Jin-Ha a couple of times since we've been home and I haven't been checking in with my friends in town much. I've got e-mails to respond to, blog posts to make...I think everyone probably thinks I fell off the face of the face of the Earth!

I haven't, we're just enjoying a lot of family time right now and I'm getting used to being a mom of three!

I never finished my blog posts about our trip to Korea and I haven't forgotten about it! I'm going to make another post in the next day or so about the fourth day of our trip. I have a ton of stories to tell about that day! It was the day we visited the DMZ, the dairy farm and went to church with Jin-Ha. I think that was one of my favorite days of the trip. I'll have lots of stories and photos ready for you in the next few days!

For now I'm going to go get Clarissa up from her nap and start thinking about dinner. We're having a Korean dish tonight called Bibimbap, which basically translates to "mixed up rice". It's a little like Koreans version of fried rice. It's rice mixed with vegetables and meat. Sounds good to me!


Shannon said...

Another BBC reader, but I was at the library with my little girl and found a book that made me think of you & Clarissa, so I actually wrote the title down to share.

It is called "Ten Days & Nine Nights" and is the story of a big sister waiting for her baby sister to come home from Korea! I thought it was so cute, probably simple for your boys, but something for Clarissa to enjoy later on, to see what her brothers might have been like waiting on her!

Unknown said...

So I just went to the store and got everything to make that!!!!! It looks SOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. I am going to skip the eggs though (I detest eggs, lol) We are having it for dinner tomorrow!