Thursday, December 24, 2009

Piggies for Christmas!

This morning when we got Clarissa out of the bathtub and I was drying her hair I decided that it was time to experiment. :) Since Clarissa has been home I've just been pulling her hair to the side with a clip, which is the extent of my little girl hair styling skills, but this morning I was noticing how long her hair is getting and I decided that it was time to try pig tails.

I've never put pig tails in a babies hair before and I had no idea what I was doing, which is probably evident from the photos, lol. Fortunately Clarissa seems to like having her hair played with. She has always liked having it brushed and she sat still and let me put the pig tails in with no problem. She may not KEEP them in (she's always pulling her hair clips out), but she did seem to enjoy it when I was putting them in. As her hair gets longer and I get more practice I'm sure I'll find lots of fun things to do with her hair!

As usual, the photos are on the dropshots page. (

And speaking of photos, I'm getting all excited about our annual photo tonight! Every year since Matthew was born I've been giving the boys matching pajamas on Christmas Eve and taking their photo in front of the Christmas tree. It's usually the last thing they do on Christmas Eve before they go to bed. I have the cutest photos of them throughout the years in their matching pj's and it's always fun to take the new photo and compare it to last years photo to see how much they've grown.

This year is going to be even MORE fun because Clarissa will finally get to join them! I searched high and low for matching pajamas that they could all wear and I found some cute ones. Clarissa's are just like the boys except they're pink. Because this is such a big tradition in our family I always really stress over getting the perfect photo. It's not something I can really redo later if I don't like how they turned out. I'm not sure how it's going to go trying to get all three kids to sit still and smile, but I'm going to give it a try! Clarissa really doesn't enjoy having her picture taken at all and I can never get her to sit still while I take them, so it's going to take a miracle to pull it off. Cross your fingers for a Christmas miracle, I'll be back later with the results!

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Jill said...

Those piggies are adorable! We do the matching PJ's thing too! I can't wait until next Christmas when I get to add a baby girl to our mix! Good luck with the picture! Merry Christmas!