Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick update

We're home with Melissa and she is SO adorable! I felt bad for her at the airport, she looked scared to death. But we got her home, showed her around and talked her into teaching us how to play a Korean board game we bought in Seoul and that really opened her up.

The game ended up being kind of a Korean version of the game Sorry, so when we finished that game the kids got out Sorry and they're teaching her how to play. She's smiling and laughing, so I think she's doing ok.

She's nine years old but for some reason she seems older than nine to me. She seems very mature and intelligent. And I really love her accent!

She seems to especially love Clarissa but she's scared of our cat. We're keeping the cat out of the way for now!

Tonight we're taking her out to dinner to celebrate her first night here. So far so good!

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