Monday, December 21, 2009


I just got the call that we've been accepted as a host family for the Korea exchange program!!!! We have a third grade girl coming to stay with us for the month of January!

I know everyone in my comments were shocked that people were sending their third graders to a foreign country, but knowing a little about Korean culture it didn't surprise me a whole lot. From what I have observed it seems like Korean parents encourage their kids to be more independent than American parents do. Children in Korea are also strongly encouraged to learn English and most parents really want their kids to spend some time in the US. It does seem really young to send a child out into the world alone, but they're well supervised and they're background checking us and doing a home visit and everything, so they're careful about who they're letting the kids stay with. It's like a mini adoption homestudy again, lol. We're pros at this by now!

I'm so ridiculously excited about this!! It will be an awesome cultural experience for our family. Plus I think we're probably a good home for a Korean child to visit since we're all pretty obsessed with Korea around here! :)

I don't know any specifics yet, but I'll be learning more in the next few days!

YAY!! :)


Unknown said...

WooooHoooooo! How exciting for you, your family, and the little girl coming to stay with you! What a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved!

Melissa said...

I have to say that I am so impressed at how well you embraced the Korean culture and soaked in it and learned all you could! I read another blog and she just left Korea today with her new baby girl. I know she is JUST as thrilled with her baby, but I was so used to reading your blog and all the things you learned about Korea, so when she went, I expected her to do the same (which she didn't). LOL You'll have so much fun next month!

KrisJ said...

K that is awesome.. I would love to do that sometime to! How fun!!

Christine said...

Congratulations! My brother in law and his family have Korean exchange students stay with them year round... mostly year round. They're on their 2nd one. My 10 year old nephew went to Korea to spend 3 weeks with the exchange student's family this past summer. I hope you really enjoy it.

Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

Hooray! It will be fun!

My5Blessings said...

WOW, Congratulations!!! What a Great experience for your family. That little girl doesn't know how lucky she will be to a guest at your home.

When will she arrive?


My5Blessings said...


I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a New year filled with countless blessings. I also wanted to wish Clarissa a Very Merry FIRST Christmas!!!


Lori said...

That's awesome news! I bet the 3rd grader will have a wonderful time at your house!!!!!!! Heck, I wish I could come spend time at your house.

Hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas!