Friday, January 15, 2010

Mountain adventure, day one

We made it to the mountains and we're having lots of fun on our little getaway! We're staying at the CUTEST hotel, I really love it here! We've driven past this hotel several times when we've been up here and I've heard about it but we've never stayed. It's really cute and perfect for our little weekend excursion.

When we got up here this morning we went straight to the elk feeding place. That was the coolest experience!! We sat on a big sled that was pulled by horses and the seats on the sled are big bales of hay. They pulled us through the trees to a big field where a herd of wild elk live. As soon as the elk saw us coming they came running! Suddenly we were surrounded by a huge heard of elk and they gathered around to eat the hay from the sled. It was incredible, I've never been so close to elk before. They weren't the slightest big afraid of the people on the sled, they were basically eating the seats we were sitting on!

I love being out in nature and I love animals, so it was a really awesome experience for me. Getting to sit there while elk were eating practially in my lap was really cool! We had mixed reactions from the kids though! Josh loves animals as much as I do so he had a ball. Matthew was really scared of the elk at first so he just kept trying to sit as far away as possible from them for a while, but he eventually warmed up and was OK when he decided that they really were just there to eat the hay, not the people in the sled. :) Melissa really liked the elk but being a city girl she wasn't so thrilled about sitting on hay! She was worried about getting dirty and it didn't help when an elk sneezed on her, lol. She was a great sport though, I think she had fun. Clarissa had a good time and kept pointing at the elk and saying "kitty!" Kitty is one of the few words she can say and it's also the only animal she's really familiar with so she pretty much thinks every animal is a kitty. :)

When the elk decided they were full we rode the sled back to the parking area and our adventure was over. I really had a good time and it's definitely on our list of things to do again!

After that we went back into town, found a little diner to eat at for lunch and then came back and got settled at the hotel. At the moment the kids are sitting in the little living room area playing board games with Shawn and I'm hanging out in the bedroom area with Clarissa, who is taking a nap. In a little bit we're going to go down to the pool and go swimming and then we're going to get a good nights sleep because the kids have ski school tomorrow! Fun!


Unknown said...

OOOOo Wendy, can you send me the info on the elk? I would love to take my kiddos there.

My5Blessings said...

Sounds like you are all having soooooooooooooooo much fun!!! How much longer will you have Melissa with you?