Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back!

My poor abandonded needed some attention today. :)

So I think we've finally managed to beat the sickness that has been hanging around this month! YAY! Clarissa was super sick for a while (and I later realized that she got two molars the week she was sick!) and then I've been feeling crappy for the past couple of weeks. I got a cold, it went away a bit and then it came back 10x's worse.

I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I've been stuck in the house most of this month and it's starting to make me a little crazy. Last night we went to the mall for a bit and it felt SO good to actually get out of the house and do something! So now that I feel like I've rejoined the world I decided that I'd better sit down and update my blog.

So in Clarissa news, I've decided that she's growing up too darn fast! They just don't stay babies very long, do they? (Especially when you miss the first 8 months!) She's actually starting to take a few steps! Over the past few weeks we've seen her attempt to walk several times but she'll only do it if there's no pressure. I've seen her do it when she thought I wasn't looking, but as soon as I hold out my arms and try to get her to walk to me she sits down and refuses to move. We made the mistake of getting the video camera out one night and trying to capture it on film. Princess Clarissa wanted no part of it. :) So I'm not bugging her about it anymore, I figure that she'll do it when she's ready. (And when no one is looking.)

She's also starting to imitate us like crazy and we're constantly trying to come up with new tricks to teach her. She's hillarious. Shawn taught her a cute trick a couple of weeks ago. If he says "Who's pretty?!" Clarissa will raise her hand and say "MEEE!!" SO cute. She also learned the joy of throwing things on the floor and saying "uh oh!" so that someone will pick the item back up and hand it to her and she can throw it again. That game is WAY more fun for her than it is for the person who has to pick things up off the floor 40 times. :) It's OK, we all pretty much live to make her laugh these days. That kid is just pure joy in our house, I don't know what we ever did without her!

In Matthew news, he finally lost his first two teeth! Both of my boys got their teeth really late when they were babies and they both lost their first teeth really late. Matthew is six and a half and we started to think he was never going to lose a tooth! But finally a couple of weeks ago he announced that one of his bottom teeth was loose and a few days later he had it out. The first tooth is always so exciting! Less than a week later he announced that the one next to it was ready to come out and he now has a super cute gap toothed smile. :) The tooth fairy is going to go broke if that kid doesn't stop losing teeth!

I have a super cute Josh story! He came home from school a few days ago and told us that he was assigned to write an essay on an American Hero and he chose to write about Shawn because Shawn is his hero. I don't think you've ever seen a prouder dad in your life. :) Josh brought the essay home yesterday and it's seriously the sweetest thing I've ever read. Shawn was really touched by it. Josh is such a sweet kid. He has such a loving spirit and I love that about him.

This Saturday we've signed the boys up for an introductory taekwando class and they're really excited about it! I met a woman at the Korean market a month or so ago who is from Seoul and she and her husband are opening up a new taekwondo studio right around the corner from us and they're offering a free class to try it out. I'm excited for the kids to give it a try and if they like it we're going to sign them up for classes. I have a feeling that it's going to be an especially big hit with Matthew. He loves that sort of thing.

So there's the update from our house. Clarissa is growing up, Matthew is losing teeth, Shawn is Josh's hero and I'm finally over my cold. That pretty much covers it! :)


LeAnne said...

I saw this and thought you might be interested--it's a little girl's Dol Celebration.

JET said...

I was beginning to think you weren't coming back! Welcome back and thanks for updating. :D