Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bottoms up!

Clarissa has been doing this all day. She sticks her bottom in the air, looks at me through her legs and says "HI!". It would be cute anyway, but the bunny on her bottom is seriously cracking me up!

These pants are one of the gifts that we got from the birth mother the other day. They're soft and fuzzy and so cute. She had a cute shirt on that the birth mother sent too, but as you can see she's shirtless in the photo. That's because she recently figured out how to take her shirt off and has aparently decided to live a shirtless lifestyle, lol. I put her shirt on and she takes it right back off. By about noon I give up and just let her walk around shirtless for a while!

I normally don't post photos of her here here because the agency won't allow me to, but I figured this one would be OK. Her face is a bit blurry and she looks different upside down!
Oh, and that reminds me!! I talked to the lawyer today and all we have to do is go sign some papers next week and then she can schedule our court date! Hopefully in six weeks or so Clarissa is going to be officially ours!! I''m really looking forward to that day. No more adoption agency, no more social workers, no more paperwork, no more waiting...she'll be all ours!!

Once that happens I can FINALLY share photos of her here! YAY! :)


JET said...


My5Blessings said...

She is just too gosh darn CUTE!!!

KrisJ said...

So so cute!! Cracks me up! I need to read your previous post about the gift! Thats so exciting! AND YEAH finalization is right around the corner!!!

Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

Too funny. Hooray for court day!

Joy said...

Love it! That is a great outfit - great picture!!

I am so happy that her birth mother sent you something. That is such a wonderful gesture. I'm not sure how exactly it works... but one day when Clarissa is older do you think you will all be able to meet her?

She is one lucky child - to be surrounded by so much love.

Cara said...

Too cute! My DD likes to strip too, it must be the age.

Melissa said...

That is adorable!!

I saw you commented on my friend Emily's facebook page, so sent you an invite-then you won't get weirded out on who is friending you!

We had talked a few months back-I'm a babycenter mom, photographer, military wife who is moving to Mtn Home in June! We're getting closer to that time and can't wait!

Melissa Gephardt