Monday, March 15, 2010

Moms and Mud

I have two stories today! One is fun, and one...will only be funny when it hurts less. :)

First of all, my mom came to visit! YAY! My mom is a really busy person and she and my stepdad travel a lot, plus she lives four hours away, so I don't get to spend a lot of one on one time with her. But she called me last week and said that my stepdad had to go out of town for something and she had nothing going on for a few days so she was coming to visit!

She came Thursday and left Saturday. I like spending time with my mom and I was happy that she got to spend some time with Clarissa since they haven't had a chance to get to know each other very well yet. We had a really good time! Clarissa wasn't too sure about her at first (she's shy around people she doesn't know) but they were buddies by the time my mom left.

My mom also got to go to Taekwondo with the boys and they were really excited about that. It's always fun when grandma comes to visit!

We did a little shopping, discussed a quilt she's helping me make and we had a good time.

Ok, so on to the story that was a little more painful, lol.

Saturday before my mom left we took her out to do some fun things with the kids. We went to the candy store that we love and then we went to the science center. Saturday morning it snowed here and then the sun came out so it was kind of slushy outside. We were leaving the science center and we had parked kind of far away because the regular parking lot was full so we had to walk over a wooden bridge to get to our car. It's a tall bridge that connects the science center to a really great park behind it and you have to walk up some steep wooden stairs, cross the bridge and then walk down another set of steep wooden stairs.

We walked carefully up the stairs, over the bridge and we started down the stairs on the other side, trying to be really careful because the stairs were steep and slippery. I was holding Clarissa and I was trying to be careful but about five steps from the bottom I stepped into a slushy spot and my feet went right out from under me. There is nothing worse than falling when you're holding a baby! The whole thing happened really quickly, but I pretty much fell down five stairs and landed at the bottom in a mud puddle. It actually probably would have been kind of funny if I hadn't been holding Clarissa.

Because I was trying to protect Clarissa when I fell, I couldn't really catch myself because my hands were full. I hung on to her tight. My elbows took the brunt of the fall, they hit each stair pretty hard on each step as I fell. I got to the bottom and my family ran over to make sure we were OK. I didn't care about myself, I was worried that Clarissa was hurt. She was screaming at the top of her lungs but I couldn't tell if she was hurt or just scared. We looked her over but my mom and Shawn, who had both seen us fall, said that she was pretty much on top of me the whole time and didn't hit the stairs. She was fine.

I on the other hand, was soaking wet and muddy! I would have laughed except that I was still worried about Clarissa and my whole body (not to mention my pride!) hurt. We got in the car and hurried home. Clarissa cried in the car and I was completely freaked out that she was hurt. She wasn't, she was just scared. She calmed down after a bit and was perfectly fine after that. I got home, changed out of my muddy clothes and checked myself over and decided that I was OK. My elbows really hurt and my right arm was sore but nothing was broken or anything.

Then I woke up yesterday morning and the entire right side of my body felt like I had been beaten up! My elbows are both bruised and it feels like I pulled every muscle in my right arm, my shoulder and my back. I was holding Clarissa in my right arm and I really tightened it and tried to protect that side of my body when I fell. Clarissa weighs 25 pounds and gravity was trying to pull her in the opposite direction, which pulled my muscles. I could barely use my right arm yesterday. Ouch.

It feels a little better today and I'll be fine in couple of days. One of these days it will be an amusing story, right?! :)

So there's a recap of my weekend. I had a really great time with my mom and I had fight with some wooden stairs. There's always something crazy going on around here!


KrisJ said...

OH OUCH!!! I hope you recover fast! Good mommy holding on tight to that baby!

Lori said...

Ouch! It may take a while for that to be funny. Take it easy!

Misty said...

Oh no!! Hope you are feeling better quickly! So glad Clarissa was okay!!