Saturday, May 29, 2010

Change of plans

We didn't end up going on our road trip adventure today because Matthew has been throwing up all afternoon. Poor kid, he's pretty much just been laying on the couch watching Star Wars all day. Hopefully it's just a one day stomach flu thing and he'll feel better tomorrow. And hopefully none of the rest of us get it!!

We're going to give it another try on Monday. I also have plans to do a little hike with the family some time this next week if we get the chance. There's a really great park across town with hiking trails and now that it's finally starting to warm up a little I'm excited for us to get outside and do some fun outdoor activities.

Tonight we're just hanging out around house. Josh is learning to play the recorder at school so he gave me a little mini concert this evening. Then we looked up recorder music on Youtube and found a guy playing the recorder with his nose, and well...things just got silly after that. :)

Now I'm sitting here getting another blog post in and listening to my iPod. The mellow playlist again, although I'm totally not mopey today, so I don't know why I don't switch playlists. Current song: "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift. I love that song, it conjures up high school memories that make me smile. Next up: Hey Jude. That song oddly reminds me of our trip to Korea. Koreans apparently love the Beatles because I heard Beatles music everywhere we went all week. I kept hearing Hey Jude everywhere I went. I don't think I'll ever hear the Beatles again without thinking of Korea.

Ok, it looks like it's about time to get the boys in bed, so blog time is over. I blogged every day this week! Yay me! :)

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Mama E said...

Have you seen the video of the little Korean boy singing Hey Jude on Youtube?