Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Today is Josh's 10th birthday! I can't believe I've been a parent for 10 years! It went by so fast. Josh was super excited about his birthday. He was born at 1:25 in the morning so he set his alarm clock to go off at 1:20 this morning so that he could watch himself turn 10, lol. He came in to our room at 1:25 to give us a hug and let us know that he was officially 10. I love that kid.

This morning he opened presents and tonight we're going to go out to his favorite restaurant and then have cake and ice cream. Tomorrow we're taking him to the big arcade here that he loves. They have laser tag and go carts and all kinds of fun things. We were going to go tonight but it's rainy and stormy here today and the go carts are outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather. Plus spreading the birthday fun out over two days is twice the fun! :)

Josh is an amazing kid and I'm so proud that he's my son. He's smart and funny and caring and sweet and so much more. Right now we're reading the Percy Jackson series together and we're really enjoying it. I love that he's getting old enough to do things like that. I really love spending time with Josh. I know the day he becomes a teenager and I'm not longer cool is getting closer and closer so I'm cherishing every minute while I can.

More excitement happened yesterday-Matthew finally lost his third tooth! I love his gap toothed smile! He was really excited to have a visit from the tooth fairy last night. :)

Saturday the boys are testing for their yellow belt in taekwondo. They've been working really hard and they're super excited to move up to the next level. The taekwondo school is actually having a big event on Saturday. They're clearing out the parking lot and putting up a bounce house, they're giving away hot dogs, they're doing face painting, there will be black belt demonstrations, contests for the kids and all sorts of other fun things.

I've volunteered to help for the day, so I'll be over there all afternoon if you live in Boise and want to stop by! If you have kids who are interested in taekwondo and you want to try out the school, they're offering four free classes and a free uniform if you stop by on Saturday. The uniform is free and you get to keep it, even if you don't end up signing up for classes. We absolutely love Mr. Lee and the taekwondo school. It's been great for the kids and it's a little piece of Korea when I go there. :)

Holy cow, as I've been writing this the sky has gotten darker and it's started to thunder and now it's hailing! I think we're in for a good storm! I love thunderstorms. I'm going to go watch it before it goes away!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Josh!

Him waking up to see himself turn 10 is adorable and hilarious! You have a wonderful bunch of kids!

My5Blessings said...

Happy Birthday Josh and a Very Happy Mother's day to you Wendy!!!