Thursday, May 27, 2010


After some How I Met Your Mother and a good nights sleep, I'm happy to report that I'm much less mopey today. :)

Although I have to admit that I'm sitting here making a blog post with Itunes playing in the background and it's still on the mopey playlist. Current Song: "Where you Lie" by Lee DeWyze, the American Idol guy. I don't really watch American Idol but the other day I happened to stumble across his performance of Halleluja and I fell in love with it immediately, which led me to searching out his other music. He fits in nicely in my mopey playlist. :)

This morning I read Go Dogs Go to Clarissa about 10 times and then I went in the basement and dug up every board book in the house and sat her in the middle of the pile. We have spent the morning reading every book in the house but Go Dog Go. If I have to climb that ladder to a dog party one more time today I think my brain is going to melt. I have a few of those My First Word board books with the pictures of the little kids and Clarissa loves those. She kisses the babies on the pages. So cute.

Clarissa has another funny obsession lately that I'm getting a kick out of. We've been working on learning the name of facial features lately and she loves it. We have a little magnadoodle board that she carries around a lot and the other day she handed it to me to draw something and I drew a circle on it and then drew eyes, nose and a mouth, while pointing out each thing to her as I drew. She was mesmorized by it. So now she brings me the magnadoodle several times a day so I'll draw a face on it for her. She lets me draw the face and then she takes it back and scribbles on it and then hands it back to me to draw a new face. I love the look on her face when I do it, like I just did some amazing magic trick or something. She has learned how to say the word "eyes", so now when I draw the picture she repeats the word as I draw the eyes. I love to watch her learn. When she learns a new word I think I probably look at her like she just performed an amazing magic trick. :) I love that kid.

We're supposed to have thunderstorms all day today, which I'm happy about. I absolutely love thunderstorms. So far the sky is just really cloudy but I'm hoping that a good storm starts soon. Rainy days make me feel like eating soup. Maybe I'll make some homemade chicken noodle soup later. Yum.

I haven't heard from Jinha in a little while and it's worrying me. Jinha, if you're reading this, I'm worried about you. E-mail me. I hope you're just busy doing something fun.

Current mopey song: "I Would Have Loved You Anyway" by Trisha Yearwood. Next up: "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban. It occurs to me that most of my mopey songs are country songs. I suppose that's not surprising since most country songs are mopey. I do have playlists that aren't mopey and not country, I swear. :)

OK, Clarissa is telling me that my blogging break is over. Time to go back to the board books and the magnadoodle. Maybe I'll give in and go for another round of Go Dog Go. :)

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