Thursday, June 17, 2010


I haven't blogged all week because there hasn't really been anything interesting to blog about. It's been pretty boring around here lately! The kids are still in school until next Tuesday and then after that I think it's going to get a lot busier around here.

We just got home from taekwondo. They have a taekwondo master visiting from Korea for two months. Master Han; he just got here two days ago. He's just finishing up at the taekwondo university that Master Lee went to in Seoul and working with Master Lee is kind of an internship for him, I think. It's the first time he's been in the US and he doesn't speak a lot of English.

Is it weird that I've just been ridiculously excited for him to get here?! I just wanted to follow him around today and listen to him speak Korean, lol. I DIDN'T. But I wanted to. :) I love meeting people from Korea and I LOVE hearing the Korean language. I like the way it sounds. Sometimes when I'm on the webcam with Jinha she gets a phone call and I get really excited because it means that I get to sit and listen to her speak Korean for a few minutes. Sometimes I go to the Korean market when I don't need anything just so I can walk around and listen to people speak. I'm such a nerd. Anyway, I didn't follow Master Han around like a weirdo, even though I wanted to. Yay me. :)

Oh, something totally funny happened at taekwondo today. I think Master Lee was planning to talk to the kids about breaking a board with their feet, one of the testing requirements to get their next belt which they haven't learned how to do yet, and he got out a one inch thick board, which is an adult board. I think he was planning to have one of the kids try it, knowing they couldn't do it, and when they couldn't do it he was going to have Master Han demonstrate how to break it. It's pretty thick for kids to break. They're not expected to break a board that thick at this point in their training and they haven't been trained to break a board with their feet yet anyway. They've only ever broken skinny boards with their hand.

So he called on Matthew to come to the front and try to kick the board. Matthew is one of the youngest kids in the class and I think he purposely chose him because he thought he couldn't break it. Matthew kicked it twice and couldn't do it, so he told him to try once more-and he totally did a perfect side kick and broke the board in half!! I'm not sure who was more surprised, Matthew or Master Lee! It was really funny, Matthew hasn't stopped talking about it since he got home.

My third taekwondo topic for the night (and then I'm done, I swear!) is that we just signed the boys up for taekwondo camp, which Master Lee is doing for a week at the end of July. I'm really excited about it. They're going to do all sorts of Korean culture activities, like learn to write their name in Korean, make a Korean craft, eat Korean food, etc. Then they're doing lots of fun taekwondo activities, they're having taekwondo olympics, they're going to watch a martial arts sounds like a blast! I wish I could go to taekwondo camp!

So in NON-taekwondo news, they finally fixed our air conditioner today. Well, at least they think they did. It was low on freon, which can indicate a leak somewhere, but the guy couldn't find one so he just refilled it with freon and we'll see what happens. I'm just happy that we're not going to melt into a puddle in our house anymore. The boys are bummed that the basement campout is over. :)

In Clarissa news, she is officially obsessed with books. It's really funny to me that she has the exact same book obsession that our boys both had. She wants to be read to All. Day. Long. I've officially memoried every single childrens book in this house. Sometimes when we're in the car and she gets cranky I recite books to her from memory while I drive. We need to get some new books. Her favorites are Go Dogs Go, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You (also Josh's favorite book at that age) and The Foot Book. We read them over and over and over all day long. AAAALLL DAY LONG. The life of a stay at home mom. It's so glamorous. :)

And speaking of books, I finished reading "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea". I've read several books about North Korea and that one was the best one so far. It's extremely interesting, although difficult to read at times given the subject. I felt like I gained a better understanding of what life is like in North Korea and how their government functions. (It functions VERY POORLY!) My heart hurts for the people of North Korea.

Ok, so that's all the randomness I have to share with you today. It's getting close to bedtime and I'm sleepy!


Michael B. said...

you would be so jealous, I finally hooked up our TV antenna and we pick up 7 or 8 Korean language channels. Dramas, movies, news and one of them is all infomercials!

Amber said...

Hi Wendy. I love reading your blog and have been following your story for over a year, I followed you from the Babycenter Bargain Board, remember that thing 'back in the day'? lol Anyway, there is a series of 3 books that I love and Clarissa might enjoy them also. They're: Llama Llama Red Pajama, Llama Llama Mad at Mama & Llama Llama misses Mama. They are such cute rhyming books and very catchy. If you do get these books, I would love to hear your thoughts on them! Thanks & Enjoy!