Friday, October 8, 2010

Our first meeting

A year ago today I met Clarissa for the first time. I will never forget how amazing it was to hold her for the first time! She wasn't super excited about us, but we were instantly in love with her! Meeting her foster parents and seeing how much she was loved was awesome. I am so glad that we decided to travel to Korea instead of having her escorted to the US like I originally thought we'd do. Actually getting to see where she had been living and thank the wonderful people who had loved her so much was wonderful. Even if the trip had been a disaster otherwise, it would have been worth it to go just for that. I'm so grateful to her wonderful foster mother for all that she did for Clarissa.

Here are a few photos of our first meeting. It makes me smile to look at these! The first picture is of me right before they brought her in. There were some SERIOUS butterflies in my stomach!!!

What a wonderful day. I can't wait to show those photos to Clarissa when she's old enough to understand.
I'll be back with more photos tomorrow. For now we're off to taekwondo to watch the boys test for their green belts!!


Jill said...

What beautiful pictures. Seeing you in that room brought back many memories!

Brooke said...

What a beautiful time and a beautiful little girl!!

My5Blessings said...

I can't believe it has been a year already! I remember checking and re-checking about a 100 times a day for an update about you meeting Clarissa the first time. Then when you posted I can remember being so happy for you and your family and trying to hold back the tears long enough to see her beautiful face for the first time. It has been wonderful year of watching her be a part of your family!