Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm still alive!

I feel like such a slacker when it comes to this blog lately. I keep meaning to come update it but when I sit down to make a post I realize that I don't really have a lot to say except the same stuff I say every time. Life is good, the kids are busy with school, taekwondo and scouts and Clarissa is as cute and sweet as ever! That about sums it up!

Really, life has been pretty routine lately. I don't have a lot of exciting stories to share. I actually kind of feel like I've been in a bit of a rut lately. I've been feeling kind of antsy, like I need to shake things up around here or I need an adventure of some sort but we're so busy with regular life that I don't have time for adventures. These days I chase a very active toddler around all day and then collapse into bed at night.

The past couple of weeks I've been busy trying to get ready for Christmas. Thank goodness for online shopping or I'd never get it all done! is my best friend in December. I hear that Santa might be bringing Clarissa a big play kitchen and I'm dying for her to see it. A friend of ours has one and she always runs straight for it when we go over there so I think she's going to love it. Rumor has it that he's bringing the boys some fun things too, but big kids who can read my blog are just going to have to wait until Christmas to find out what they are! :)

This weekend my mom and stepdad are coming to visit, which will be fun. The kids are excited to spend some time with their grandparents. Hopefully we can find some fun activities to do with them while they're here. I need to spend some time tomorrow getting the house all Christmasy for their arrival.

Matthew is being tested for the gifted program at school over the next couple of days and I'm anxious to hear the results. We had a great meeting with his teacher and the principal the other day. I'm really proud of my boys. They love school.

Clarissa is starting to talk more and more. A couple of days ago I got my first spontanious "I love you", which seriously melted my heart. I was laying down with her trying to get her to take a nap and right before she fell asleep she looked at me and said it. She's repeated it when we've said it before, but she's never said it on her own. I love that kid. She completely wears me out most days but I absolutely adore her and every cute word that comes out of her mouth.

I've said it a million times, but life is good here. Insanely busy, but good. I'm hoping to take some Christmasy pictures this weekend. If it works I will be back to share them. Stay tuned! 

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LegoMom said...

It is so good to hear you are still alive! I am so excited for Santa's gift to Clarissa! She loves the toy kitchen at our house. Catch up with you soon!