Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've been meaning to post for the past few days but I haven't managed to get around to it until now!

We've had a fun time the last few days. Friday was Clarissa's birthday, which was really exciting! We ended up leaving Friday morning and taking the four hour drive to my hometown to visit family for the weekend. Friday was also Korean New Year so I made Korean food at my moms house and we celebrated the New Year and Clarissa's birthday at the same time.

My moms birthday is today and my brothers birthday is next week so on Saturday we had a fun birthday party for everyone. It was nice for the kids to spend some time with their cousins. They really had a good time.

The best part of the weekend for my kids was going sledding! The part of Idaho we live in doesn't really get all that much snow, so my kids rarely get the chance to go out and play in the snow but the area my mom lives in gets a lot of it, so it's always fun to go there in the winter. My mom lives way up in the foothills and they have a few acres of land. The edge of their property is on a pretty steep slope so in the winter they have perfect sledding hills. The boys spent hours and hours going down that hill on sleds. They would go up to the top of the hill, sled down and they would go so fast that they would just keep going all the way through the neighbors yard. the had a ball, I was really glad that they got the chance to do it. Sledding doesn't happen very often around here. Shawn even took Clarissa on a few rides down the hill and she loved it!

On Sunday we packed up our stuff and headed home. The kids always love to go to Grandmas house. They were sad to leave.

On a Monday we got the kids back to school and I finally got the call that the new glasses I've been waiting several weeks for finally came in so I can finally see clearly again! Yay! I have horrible eyesight and my other glasses desperately needed to be replaced. Shawn and I have decided that one of these days we're going to get brave and get Lasik surgery. The idea of having someone laser my eyeballs kinda freaks me out but I'm tired of not being able to see.

So that's pretty much the update from our house. I actually have a whole bunch of pictures that I'm planning to share of the kids sledding and the portraits I did of the boys last week but the pictures are all on my laptop and I'm using my Ipad at the moment so it will have to wait until maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Jill said...

I keep telling my husband that with out tax credit money, I'm going to get Lasik! Just trying not to think about lasers on my eyes...