Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring has sprung!

It's finally starting to look like Spring around here and that makes me happy! It's been raining like crazy lately but then the sun comes out for a bit and it's making the grass green and the daffodils and magnolias in my yard bloom. I love this time of year. I love seeing the birds and the green grass and the flowers again. It feels good to go outside and feel the sunshine (in between the rainstorms!).

The boys have been on track break all month and Shawn took a little time off so we've had some good family time these past few weeks. We got some spring cleaning done and during Shawn's time off we got ourselves hooked on The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, how have I missed out on that show all this time? My brother kept telling me how funny it is and we have the same taste in TV shows and the same weird sense of humor, so I decided I'd better check it out. Shawn and I burned through the first three seasons every spare second we could find over the past few weeks and now I'm officially obsessed with it. If you haven't seen it, you really should!

In other news, I found an old friend on Facebook today. I love it when that happens! How did we ever survive without Facebook? :) I love catching up with people I haven't seen in a while.

When I was in high school I had a boyfriend who was really into computers and when we were newly dating he introduced me to something called a modem. :) This was in 1992, before anyone had really heard of the internet and using your computer to talk to people was a foreign concept. He hooked a modem up to my computer and it blew my mind, lol.

The only thing we could really do with it back then was use it to connect to local chat boards and it quickly became my favorite pasttime. I think I can officially blame my internet addiction on my high school boyfriend. Thank you, high school boyfriend. :)

Anyway, we made a bunch of "computer friends" and we were a pretty strange bunch, lol. I've always gotten along better with males than females and all my computer friends were guys, so it worked out well. I was the only female in the bunch, which included a 25 year old Navy guy (I was 17 at the time), a college student with a mowhawk and an earring shaped like a knife (who became one of my best friends, which completely freaked my mother out. That was just a bonus, lol.) and assorted high school boys. My friends from school would ask me how I knew all these people and my answer was always "I met them on my computer", which you can imagine got me some weird looks. In my small town in 1992 most people weren't making friends on their computer.

I've kept in touch with some of those friends over the years. Navy guy and mowhawk dude are still friends of mine and today I reconnected with another friend from that crazy bunch. Catching up with him reminded me how fun those days were. I've been remembering some good times today.

And now that I'm telling this story it occurs to me that I'm lucky that all my computer friends were nice people and not serial killers. I would never let my daughter hang out with weird dudes she met on the internet! There were no internet safety classes back then. :)

Anyway, I hadn't meant to go off on that tangent when I started making this blog post, but there you have it, the story of how I've been a big old computer nerd since high school. :)  Maybe that was more information than I should have shared about myself, lol!

Stick around, you never know what tangent I might go off on next! :)

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