Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stop crying and eat your pizza!

I've been occasionally worried about Clarissa's ability to speak lately. Not super worried, she's not way behind or anything, I just sometimes wonder if she's a little behind and if there's anything I need to be doing about it. She says a ton of words and gets her point across fine but she still doesn't really speak in full sentences very often. She puts words together to tell us what she wants, like "more juice" and she asks short questions like "where's daddy?" but she doesn't usually speak in sentences longer than that. Occasionally a three or four word sentence will come out. Not often though and it's still kind of hard to understand her so I'm not always completely sure she says what I think she says. I'm not really that concerned, she's progressing and communicating and I'm sure she's fine, especially considering that she didn't hear English spoken until she was eight and a half months old. I'm just anxious to hear her start speaking in longer sentences, I guess.

Anyway, tonight we were having lasagna for dinner and Josh was whining because he didn't want lasagna. We were sitting at the table eating and Josh was kind of pouting and pushing his food around. We told him he needed to eat and he was arguing about it with Shawn. Clarissa had been sitting quietly in her high chair observing the conversation when suddenly she yelled very clearly "STOP CRYING AND EAT YOUR PIZZA!!".

It went dead silent for a minute and we all looked at her like "did she really just say that?" and she looked at us like "What? Somebody needed to say it." and went back to happily eating her dinner and we all burst out laughing. I had no idea she could say a sentence that long! Apparently she has lots to say she has just been waiting for the right time to say it, lol! :)


KrisJ said...

That is to funny! And just so ya know I feel like Malia did the same thing.. we knew she was capable she just decided when and where she shared it!

Jill said...

That's awesome! So funny!

Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

that is so funny! I could just picture it.