Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to the gym

As part of my 30 day "become a better me" program, I joined the gym. When Matthew was a newborn we joined the YMCA and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. Getting out of the house every day and getting into an exercise routine was really great for me. But them we moved to this house our mortgage payment was a lot bigger than it was in our old house so we had to give a few things up and the Y was one of things we had to sacrifice.

I've really missed it and I've been meaning to sign up for a gym again for quite a while and it just never happened. But then we recently found out that Shawn's work is now offering a discounted gym membership to their employees at a gym not too far from here and it's super affordable so it was the perfect opportunity to sign up.

I signed up last week and then I drug my feet about going all week for some reason. I just couldn't get started. But I decided today was the day and I packed up my gym bag and Clarissa and I went to the gym this morning. They have a great child care center that she was super excited about, so I think she's going to enjoy the gym as much as I am.

This morning I did a water aerobics class. I did water aerobics at the Y and I really loved it. I'm always a little embarrassed to tell people I do water aerobics because I think it's seen as an old persons class. OK, so today I was the only person in the pool under 50.  The reason older people take water aerobics is not because it's easy, it's because there is no impact on your joints. But I think people see a pool full of grey haired people and pass on it. It's actually a really great way to exercise. You do the same exercises you would do in a regular aerobics class but the resistance of the water makes it even more effective. Plus I just love being in the water. It's super relaxing to me. When I was a kid I spent practially every day in the summer in the pool. I used to be a really good swimmer but I rarely swim anymore.

So today it was me and a group of senior citizens hanging out in the pool. Yes, I'm super cool. :) Oh, and I packed half the house in my gym bag and forgot to bring a towel and there isn't a single towel to be found in the entire gym. So not only was I the only person in the pool under 50, I was the big dork trying to dry myself off with my clothes when it was over. Awesome. Go ahead, laugh.

Tomorrow I'm going to go back and do it again (and this time I'll bring a towel). My goal is to go every weekday if I can. I can't do water aerobics on Wednesdays because the boys leave for school a little bit later on that day and I can't make it to the class in time but I could do the bikes or the treadmill or something. It will be good for me to get out. I spend far too much time at home lately.

So with that story out of the way, here is my picture of the day. It's a snapshot I took of the kids a little bit ago when we were having scripture study. I love my kids. :)

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