Saturday, May 28, 2011


Shawn just took the kids to an activity center to run off some energy and I stayed home to work on some church stuff I need to do. Only I opened my computer to work on it and got sidetracked and now I'm blogging instead.

Speaking of church, I was recently asked to serve as the secretary in our church Young Womens organization, which I'm really excited about. Everyone in our church is asked to volunteer in some capacity and they switch it around every now and then. I've been working in our church nursery and now I'll be working with the teenage girls. I'm really excited about it! I was active in the program when I was a teenager and it's fun to be a part of it again. I'm supposed to be sitting her putting a calendar of activities and a birthday list together, but my blog was calling me. :)

I actually don't really have anything specific to blog about. When the house is quiet and peaceful like it is now it puts me in the mood to write but at the moment I can't think of a topic. Nothing is new since I last blogged except that I went to the mall last night and bought new plates.

We've had the same dinner plates for years. Like a ridiculous number of years. I'm pretty sure they're older than Matthew. The other day I was noticing that they're starting to chip, we're always running out of bowls because some off them have broken and last night I decided that it was time to go buy new plates.

For some dumb reason Shawn and I decided to take all the kids to the mall to help me pick out plates at Dillards. Four bored kids in the breakable section of a department store for an hour? Sure, that's a great idea! Sometimes Shawn and I are dumb. :) Fortunately all the breakables survived and we picked out some really great plates.

Our old plates looked like this:

They were totally my style 10 years ago when our old house had more of a country theme. I don't particularly like them anymore and they don't really match my style or my current house at all. I've been meaning to get new plates for a long time I just never got around to it.

Our new plates look like this:

I couldn't decide on a color so I got both of them. I really love them. I loved opening my cupboard this morning and seeing new plates in it. I think they will serve us well for quite a while. They'd better because at the rate I replace my plates it's going to be a long time before I think about getting new ones.

Let's see, what else is new around here? Things are still going pretty good with our exchange student. He's a busy, energetic kid so he's keeping me on my toes, but the kids are having a really good time with him. He had quite a Wii tournament with Matthew today.

Shawn doesn't have to work Monday because of the holiday so we're hoping to take the kids out and do something fun for the day. I'd really like to drive up into the mountains but the weather hasn't really been cooperative lately and we don't really want to go up there in rain. We may have to find some indoor activities to do until the weather improves. It's been such a cold, wet spring here. I usually love rain but I think we're all ready for a little sunshine.

Well, I've failed to come up with anything too exciting to blog about so I think it's time to wrap it up and go to my church projects. I've got to take advantage of the quiet house while I can!


KrisJ said...

I love getting new plates! And I was in YW as a counselor and I LOVED IT!! You will have so much fun! The girls are getting married and having babies now and they still keep in touch with me and it is so neat watching them grow up and make the right decisions!

My5Blessings said...

LOVE the new plates! I got new dishes after 12 years last Summer. Funny how simple things like that when you are a mom make you happy!