Friday, May 13, 2011

Technical difficulties, please stand by...

I bet you're wondering where me and my photo a day challenge have been! Tuesday I completely spaced it and forgot to post something and then Wednesday night I went to post and Blogger was down and it was down until today so I wasn't able to post.

But now I'm back and I have a ton of pictures to make up for the ones I missed!

But first, here's what's happening here this week. The gym is going great, I went every day this week except Tuesday. I'm loving water aerobics and I'm having a great time with it. They have three different instructors who teach the class very differently so it's been fun this week to try out all three styles. On Monday and Wednesday they have a pretty standard water aerobics class. The first half is cardio and the second half is toning exercises with pool equipment. That's how they did it at the YMCA and that's what I'm used to. I didn't go on Tuesday and when I went on Thursday and went to get the pool equipment at the beginning of class I was told that the Tuesday/Thursday instructor doesn't use the equipment. I was kind of bummed because I like the toning exercises.

And then the instructor came out!! The lady who teaches that class looks like Molly Shannon and acts just like every crazy, hyper character that Molly Shannon has ever done. She was an absolute crack up and I don't think I've ever had so much fun at water aerobics! She played really fun, high energy songs and it was almost more like a water dance class. We did these super fun, crazy dance moves and she made us sing along to the music, lol. I was It was ridiculously fun, I can't wait until Tuesday when I can do it again!

The Friday class is taught by an instructor with a totally different style. There was no music and she was a little more serious and we spent the entire hour using the pool equipment doing toning exercises. It was a great class and I got a lot out of it but it wasn't as fun as the Thursday class with the crazy Molly Shannon look alike. It was a great workout though and my muscles are definitely feeling it! It's actually really amazing what you can do in the pool with floatation equipment. We use styrofoam barbells that weigh practically nothing outside of the water, but they're super buoyant so when you push them under the water there is a lot of resistance. So it's kind of like lifting weights under the water. With other equipment we did a lot of leg and ab exercises, including crunches, which you wouldn't think you can do in the water, but you can!

I'm really glad that I've gone back to the gym. I should have done it a long time ago. Clarissa absolutely loves the child care center there and I love being able to exercise and then take a shower and do my hair and put makeup on without a toddler hanging on my leg.

In other news, our dryer broke the other day and we've spent all week trying to figure out what's wrong with it. We finally decided it was unfixable and broke down and decided that it was time to buy a new washer/dryer set. We just spent the evening shopping for a new set, picked one out, scheduled delivery for tomorrow morning and then came home and promptly figured out what was wrong with the dryer and it now works. So I guess we're canceling the delivery. I'm happy and sad about it. I really wanted a new washer and dryer but I didn't particularly want to pay for a new washer and dryer right now, so I guess I'm glad that we don't need to. We'll make do with the ones we have for a while longer.

OK, so my third story brings me to my pictures of the day! I went out to check on the birds nest in my tree yesterday and there were two baby birds sticking their little heads out of the nest!! I spent all afternoon out in my yard with my camera yesterday. It was truly awesome. It was a gorgeous day, there were baby birds in my tree and the lilacs are blooming in my yard so it smells like heaven back there. Three ingredients for an absolutely perfect afternoon.

I am really proud of these pictures. These are the kind of pictures I used to take before my long hiatus and it feels good to be doing it again.

Then today I spent some time doing some ultra close-ups of the kids. When I went to get Clarissa up from her nap she brought me her stuffed rabbit, which is her prized posession, and said that he wanted to take a nap. A friend of ours gave her the rabbit for her first birthday and we named it Toki, which is Korean for rabbit. She takes that thing everywhere and she's really cute with it. She brought me a big pillow and some little blankets and we tucked Toki in for a nap. Then she decided that he needed a pacifier and something pretty for his hair so we added that. It was so cute that I decided that I needed to take a picture.

Awesome. :) Doesn't he look cozy?

Then since I had my camera and I really love the light in Clarissa's bedroom I started taking pictures of her. She's notoriously difficult to get pictures of but she did cooperate a little bit today. I've been wanting to take some close ups of her and today she seemed to be in the mood to do it. We had a lot of fun and then the boys came home so I took some of them too. I think I've taken more pictures in the past two days than I took in the last six months! It's been awesome!!

Check back tomorrow for more pictures! :)

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Crock said...

Wendy.... your camera may have dust on it... but your eye sure doesn't!

These are beautiful. It's BBC Photography board all over again... :)~