Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I almost wrote Monday. My brain is having a hard time comprehending that it's Tuesday because everyone was home yesterday.

So here is how my morning went. I got up to kids running crazy through the house, hurried and got dressed for the gym, made sure everyone was eating breakfast, made everyone's lunches, realized that I was out of shampoo and conditioner in my gym bag so I refilled my litte bottles, wrangled Clarissa and managed to pin her down to do her hair while trying to sign the kids homework, told the boys to get their shoes on about 40 times while frantically searching for Clarissa's shoes, packed Clarissa's diaper bag for the gym, realized that that we were totally late, pushed everyone out the door into the car, while carrying Clarissa, my gym bag and the diaper bag, drove them to the bus stop just in time to watch the bus pull away, at which point I realized that there was no way I was going to make it to the gym in time for water aerobics since I now had to drive them to school, so I drove behind the bus through road construction to get the kids to school, and then drove home, tried to get Clarissa out of the van with the gym bag and the diaper bag, which apparently offended her somehow (I think she wanted to get out of her carseat by herself and I picked her up, which made her mad), so then I had her throwing a full blown tantrum in the garage while I tried to get her, the diaper bag and the gym bag into the house, at which point I realized that the garage door into the house was jammed (it sometimes does that and it feels like it's locked for some reason even though it's not) and I didn't have my house key to get in the front door, so I said lots of naughty words to the door while Clarissa sat on the floor of the garage and cried until I finally pried the door open and we went inside. I tossed my gym bag in the laundry room, hung the diaper bag on the hook, let Clarissa finish her tantrum and sat on the couch and contimplated going back to bed and starting over.

Awesome morning.

Unfortunately going back to bed wasn't really an option so I cheered Clarissa up and we sat on the couch and watched Sesame Street instead of going to the gym. I'm bummed that I missed water aerobics today. The crazy Molly Shannon lady teaches on Tuesday.

Fortunately my day has gotten slightly better since then. Shawn came home for lunch and brought me a yummy salad, which was nice. Now Clarissa is taking a nap and I'm sitting here listening to the Wicked soundtrack and enjoying a quiet house for a little bit before the boys come home.

We did have a fun day yesterday. We took the kids to the zoo for a while until it started to rain and then Shawn took the boys to Kung Fu Panda 2, which they really enjoyed. We were hoping to spend some more time outside but the weather just didn't cooperate. I think the kids had fun anyway though. Michael asked if he could call his mom last night to tell her about his day, so he must have had a good time.

This morning Clarissa got frustrated by something and she threw her hands up and said "Oh, geez!" lol! It sounded so funny coming out of her mouth. She's such a parrot. She's finally starting to speak in longer sentences now and I just love talking to her. She's really funny.

So there's my update for the day. I'm going to go paint my toenails and bask in the peace and quiet a bit longer before the kids get home. And tomorrow morning I'm going to make it to the gym if it kills me!

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My5Blessings said...

Sounds like a typical day for a mom of three(four) lol. Hope today was better!!!