Friday, June 24, 2011

At the cabin

I'm writing on my iPad from a cabin in the woods! We're up here for our third annual cabin weekend with friends. We come up here every June with the two families we're close friends with and we spend the weekend letting the kids run around, riding ATV's, having sling shot competitions, eating way too much junk food, playing lots of games and laughing til our stomachs hurt. I look forward this weekend all year.

I absolutely love these friends. They're like family to me. Our kids are all the same age, our husbands are friends and the women are like sisters to me. We celebrate holidays and special events together and support each other through whatever is going on in our lives. I feel really grateful for those friendships.

Ok, so I had to take a break from writing for a moment for some bat excitement! When we got here this evening there was some sort of animal poop on the floor that we thought was from a mouse. Then as we were getting kids to bed we started hearing squeaking noises in the ceiling where a pipe goes out from the fireplace. Suddenly on the outside of the house we see bats start flying out from a little hole in the roof. We went outside and saw at least 10 of them! A couple of them flew right over our heads! We all stood on the deck and watched them flying around as the sun set. It was kind of awesome. :)

Anyway, we've only been here for a few hours but we're having a really great time. It's good to get away from life for a bit and come up here and relax. Tomorrow the girls are taking a little shopping trip into town. And by town I mean the three little stores out here in the middle of nowhere.:) There is a great used bookstore here that I love. I like to collect books from my childhood. Not new reprints but actual old copies. The more used the better. Hopefully I'll find a few gems tomorrow!

For I'm going to try to get Clarissa to sleep, do a little more bat watching and then the adults are having a game tournament when the kids are asleep. Shawn and I have go defend our title as Speed Scrabble champions! :)

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