Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I had a weird dream about the past last night that has been on my mind all day. I have really vivid dreams for some reason, and sometimes it's hard for me to shake them. I've kind of been in my head all day and I'm driving myself crazy so I thought I'd come blog and get my mind on a different track.

I don't really have anything specific to blog about. Things are pretty much the same around here. I'm doing great with water aerobics this week. I've managed to make it two days in a row, which is sometimes a feat. As of today I've officially been on Weight Watchers for a week. So far so good! The extra points I get for water aerobics help. I like Weight Watchers. As much as anyone can like dieting, I suppose.

Clarissa has been particularly cute and funny this week. Seriously, I've got to get that kid on video and post it because she is hysterically funny. I love two year olds because they always say the cutest things. She was coloring a picture of an octopus yesterday and trying SO hard to pronounce the word octopus. No matter how hard she tried it kept coming out "applesauce", lol. She colored an awesome picture of an applesauce. :)

She's also become obsessed with a certain pair of her pajamas (the plaid pajamas from our family Christmas picture, if you remember those). She begs to wear them all day long. I don't let her spend the day in her pajamas but it doesn't stop her from asking repeatedly. I get her dressed in the morning and we go to the gym and as soon as we get home she takes her shirt and pants off and asks for her pajamas. When I don't let her put them on she just decides to go without clothes and I can't get her back in her regular clothes. The last two days she has come up with a "brilliant" plan and she tells me that it's bedtime several times during the day. She knows she gets to put her pajamas on when she goes to bed so she'll randomly ask to go to bed at various points during the day. Nice try. :) Occasionally we do have a pajama day. It makes her happy! She'd pretty much live in them 24/7 if I let her.

The other day I ordered a Disney movie on my Amazon account for a friend and I left my Ipad sitting on the couch with the Amazon page still loaded. A while later I checked my e-mail and Clarissa had used the one click ordering button and had ordered Tangled and The Princess and the Frog on Blu-ray! Thank goodness I caught it quick enough to cancel it. You have to stay on your toes around her. :)

We're trying to work on potty training her but it's been slow going so far. She's not showing a lot of interest. Every now and then she'll ask to sit on the potty and I sit her on it and make a big fuss about what a big girl she is but then nothing happens and she eventually gets bored and wants off. I think once Michael goes home next week and things settle down a bit around here I'm going to start working harder at it. My boys were both nightmares to potty train and I'm hoping and praying that we have an easier time with Clarissa!

That's pretty much all that is going on here right now. The house is quiet and I'm going go to take advantage of the last quiet half hour of my day and get some stuff done before Clarissa wakes up and the boys come home. There's never a dull moment around here!

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