Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growing up

Summer is in full swing at our house! It's been like Grand Central Station around here today! The boys friends have been coming over and there have been kids in and out of here all day.

Josh just turned 11 but some of his friends are 12. He has one friend who lives just a few streets over from us but they don't go to the same school and we were so busy during the school year that we didn't see him for a while. He used to be a really hyperactive little kid who kind of drove me nuts, lol. It's probably been at least six months or so since I've seen him. A few weeks ago he called to talk to Josh and his voice was so deep that I thought it was his dad on the phone. Then he stopped by today to see if Josh could come over and when I opened the door my jaw almost hit the floor, lol. That hyper active little kid has suddenly turned into a tall, calm, deep voiced teenager! I barely recognized him, he's like a completely different person! I talked to him for a minute about school and he just seems so grown up. I'm used to little kids coming over to play with my kids, not kids who are pratically as tall as me and sound like adults!

So it has suddenly occured to me that Josh is on the verge of that same transformation and it's freaking me out a bit! He starts middle school in the fall. In my mind he's still the same kid I sent off to Kindergarten (which seems like it was last week) but I think today I had a moment of shock when I realized that he's not really a little boy anymore. I don't think I like that! If anyone has figured out how to keep their kids sweet and little forever, let me know. :)

And with that I will leave you with a picture of someone else who is growing up way too fast. Clarissa is obsessed with changing her clothes. She takes her clothes off and puts them back on all day long. She's amazingly good at dressing herself for her age. She can even get strappy sandals on by herself. That's handy sometimes but when she constantly wants to take her clothes off and put something else one it drives me a little crazy. Anyway, here's what she managed to dress herself in today. I think she has a very high society, Paris Hilton look on her face. It makes me laugh. I love that kid!

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shelly said...

OMG, my daughter used to go everywhere dressed very similar to that. And, I guess that's the consolation prize for them growing up too fast-we get all these fun photos-and can tease them about their little kid ways! It's so fun to watch your journey (longtime BBC poster).