Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is significant for two reasons. First it's Fathers Day and second, it's the two year anniversary of Clarissa's referral! Can you believe it's been two years?! Two years ago right this minute I was in the car on the way to Portland staring at the picture of a beautiful baby girl on my Blackberry and reading everyone's comments on my big announcement blog post.

I remember being SO excited that day but also scared out of my mind! Suddenly the baby we had talked about for so long was actually real and it freaked me out a little, lol! I didn't know then what the future would hold but now that sweet Clarissa is part of our family I laugh that I ever worried. She's more wonderful than we could possibly have hoped for. She makes me smile every day and she pretty much has us all wrapped around her little finger. :)

We've had a good Father's Day so far. Hopefully Shawn is having a good day! For gifts I bought him a nice case for his iPod and the kids and I made him a Star Wars candy pack that I found on a really creative blog.
Shawn's favorite summertime activity is taking drives up in the mountains so this afternoon we jumped in the car and took a drive. We love being up in the mountains. I'm kicking myself that I forgot to take my camera because we saw a huge owl in a tree on the way back and he was in the perfect spot for picture taking. I always see the best wildlife when I don't have my camera!

Tonight we're getting Michael packed up and early tomorrow morning we're driving him to the airport to see him off to Korea. I think he's had a good time here, but honestly, it's kind of been a long month. We had a bit of a different experience this time than we did with Melissa. We've kept him busy with fun activities and it's been fine, but we've struggled a bit with him at times. I think everyone is ready for this adventure to come to an end. He's a sweet kid and I wish him well. We're on to new adventures.

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer vacation for my kids. I hope I can find some fun activities to keep them busy this summer. They have lots of friends in the neighborhood to play with so I think we're mostly going to stick close to home this summer. I wish we were planning a big exciting summer vacation but for various reasons I don't think it's in the cards this summer.

For now I'm off to make another sweep of the house and gather up Michael's things and get him packed up. I think it's anxious to get home. I hope he has lots of fun stories to tell when he gets there!

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Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

We never have our camera when we see cool things either. We once were on a hike when we saw a small cinnamon colored bear. We were so bummed we didn't have the camera!