Friday, July 1, 2011

Another picture!

I've been taking pictures this week! A couple of nights ago I had an idea for a photo shoot and it didn't work out like I hoped but I did get a picture I liked out of it.

My plan was to do some taekwondo  silhouette of the boys. I used to LOVE to do silhouettes and I've gotten some really cool ones in the past but it's been a long time since I tried it so I wanted to give it another try. It was a last minute plan and not thought out very well though, so it didn't really work. I took the kids up to my favorite spot on top of a big hill where I can shoot against the sky, but it was too cloudy and by the time we got there the sun was setting too low and it was too late to get good shots. Shooting sillhouttes requires some advanced planning because you need a certain type of light and a clear sky.

Anyway, it didn't work, but when I got home I pulled up this shot and kind of liked it so I thought I'd share. It's not a sillhoutte, but I love the sunburst and the way he's standing. I'm going to try to go back up there this weekend and give sillhouttes another try. I also have plans for another photoshoot this weekend too if I get the chance to do it. We're still making our 4th of July plans.

So here's the picture. Check back later this weekend and I may have more!


Vicki said...

beautiful picture!

Josh said...

I love Tae Kwon Do! Thanks!