Monday, July 4, 2011


This morning we took the kids to the zoo. They have a butterfly exhibit here this summer that I've been super excited about! They did it a few years ago and I had a ball taking pictures of the butterflies.

I love butterflies. I think they're beautiful. It's normally so hard to get pictures of them because they move so fast and they can be hard to find, so when there are 400 of them flying around in an enclosed space and I get the opportunity to spend the morning chasing after them with my camera I'm all over it! That's like the perfect day to me!

Shawn took the kids to see another part of the zoo while I stayed in the butterfly enclosure for a while. I took over 800 pictures and I could happily have taken 800 more if I had the time. I envy the people that work ther and get to spend hours a day in there! I'm always telling Shawn that I need to get a job at the zoo. :)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took. There are a million more that I love but I'm still going through them. I may post more later.

For now I think we're going to take the kids to the park and then have a BBQ in the backyard this evening. I love the fourth of July! :)

More pictures to come!

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Shawn said...

Awesome pictures!