Saturday, July 2, 2011

More pictures!

Today I had big plans to go out and do another photo shoot with the kids. I spent forever picking out coordinating clothes, got all my equipment ready and we drove to one of our favorite picture spots, and then things didn't really go all that well. It was really hot outside, for one thing, so we were all kind of miserable. Even the boys, who are usually really patient with my photo shoots, were kind of grumpy. I also struggled with the lighting and with Clarissa, who pretty much hates having her picture taken even on a good day.

In the end I got a couple of that I like well enough to share but none that I'm completely in love with. My plan is to go back out tomorrow or Monday and give it another  try, so I might be back with more in a few days!

1 comment:

MaMeex5 said...

I love the last one. You are always so good with photographs. I am envious.