Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's past my bedtime and I really ought to go to sleep, but I haven't blogged in a while and thought I'd try to get a post in really quick.

Things are going really great here these days. Therapy has been really helpful and I'm making some positive changes that I'm happy about. I look forward to going each week. My therapist is really nice and we've had some good talks. My anxiety is noticibly better. The techniques he's given me have helped. I've been working on some self reflexion lately, trying to get back to who I am and what I want in life and refocusing myself on getting where I want to go. I'm reexamining the past, working through some things, letting some things go and that has been helpful.

Yesterday I got my journals out from high school and read through them. It was funny to read some of the things I wrote. Some things I had completely forgotten about and I revisted some things that are still very fresh in my mind. Some parts made me laugh and others reopened up some old wounds a bit. It was good though. It was nice to remember who I was at 17, so hopeful and excited about the future. I had big plans back then. Some panned out and some did not but I think I've basically gone in the direction I thought I would. It was interesting reading through that journal, knowing what I know now. It was interesting to read about my 17 year old self working through problems and making decisions when now I know what the outcome of those decisions would be. There were a few parts where I just wanted to smack my 17 year old self upside the head.

I've been working in therapy on goal setting. My therapist has me making lists and I'm really enjoying it. This type of therapy is only intended to be short term and I'll miss it when it's over.

In other news, the boys are settling into school and I've started mommy preschool with Clarissa. I love that she's getting old enough now to do things like that with. I have a lot of fun with her during the day while the boys are gone.

Ok, so now I really am going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day!

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